Dublin Club Transfers


Do you have the list Dub09?


Sorry @Ohm - I gave mine to @sneakersotoole


@DUB09 would you mind sending the list to me please?


@DUB09 would you mind sending it to me please?


This is a low key sky sports news on transfer deadline day


@Ohm has mine now if you want to PM him


Harry Redknapp is outside Parnells at the minute signing up players


He’s recruiting for a new show on Sky…
“I’m a Parnells hurler - get me outta here!”.


Fair play, @parnellshurler - you’re taking this well! I hope you can somehow keep a team going.


Which of the salmons was playing minor this year with TCG?

Edit: I am waiting for Pink/Red John West etc as answers


Very good prospect. Liked the cut of him when our lads played against him over the past few years


That’s a real shame.


agree with u i personally dont think of them will be in the craobh team for championship and some of them wont even be in the senior squad and could end up playing junior hurling for craobh.


You may be right and as I said I wasn’t been disrespectful, but that Craobh team is fairly decent. It’s a different world competing senior A to any other division. Standing out in senior b and ahl2 won’t neccessarily cut it.

As an aside, I think it’s quite sad to see how it’s all turned out. You seem like a genuine hurling man and I’m sure this is a hard one for you to take. All I’d say is keep the faith and I’m sure your club will be back in the hurling leagues before long


Fully agree. Hopefully you can get rid of the poison who has caused this whole debacle.


Can i ask a question, big Parnells love in going on, why did Shore and the Clate lad (Ballyea) sign for the club…


Come on mate why do you think they joined the club


Your rite shouldn’t have mentioned names but ye I’d agree for me the 2lads would be the best players leaving the club


Have all these Parnells transfers been agreed between clubs or are they awaiting County Board approval?


So every chance that the board could turn them down and “force” them to play for their home club!