Dublin Club Transfers


sad to see re Parnells, could happen in other clubs down the line as well

I hope Parnells come back again soon, they may well do so in a lower division. Trinity Gaels went out for a year but regrouped the following year in a lower division & championship. Perhaps this is the route for Parnells

Also, it is an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good fortune! looks like Parnells folding will be a real shot in the arm for Craobh & OTooles


Did Trinity Gaels drop out of all adult hurling for a year? Just goes to show … they had cracking underage teams when I was growing up and they went from junior to senior hurling as a result.


I agree, its a huge boost to O’Tooles especially who have just been relegated to AHL2 and will be glad of the injection of new players who have played in the league!


I thought it might have been 2-years, I think they were in AHL5 when they pulled the plug but they are back up and running again,


No it was only a year and they pretty much all came to us, we knew it was only ever short term as they always had plans to get back up and running as soon as they could.


What’s the connection with Kevin’s for Hurley? He was a strong player last time I seen him 2/3 years ago .


Who is applying to go to Craobh?


John McEvoy and Johnny McGuirk the new Derry Hurling management.


Hurley bought a house beside there pitch,massive player is doing triathlons this year but will be a huge player in the junior championship


Could craobh challange the big clubs such as Boden cuala crokes with these additions to the squad?


In reality, I think Crokes/Boden/Cuala are miles ahead of the pack. I would hazard a guess that the likes of Vinnies and Na Fianna will still be in the next best category.


Craobh will be tough to beat by anyone in the dublin championship. However I couldnt see them getting past Crokes/Cuala/Boden. The lads coming in may only push for a start on the Craobh side, wouldnt be guaranteed in my view They will get game time in the league and im sure if theyre good enough they will make the champo team. All due respect to the incoming lads from Parnells but they are not getting an influx of intercounty players


What position did he play with Parnells?


Is the list out? Suspense is killing me


If you DM one of the lads on this he has it only happy to share it,not sure of his name


I have it lads - DM me if you want a copy




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