Dublin Club Transfers


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Could you fire me on the list when you have a moment


Iv seen the list, but why is it so private that it cant be posted? Do club secretaries circulate the list to club members or whats the deal?

Parnells, 25 players out, don’t think I have ever seen that from a club that is not folding.


Something similar in Finbarrs about 15 yrs ago, but it was primarily u21s. Think there was a falling out of some sort.

  1. They are only the applications and clubs have until tomorrow night to respond.
  2. It’s personal data
  3. If you’ve seen the list you will also note this at the bottom of it -
    This list is not for publication on any media / social media and is supplied to Club Secretaries for their information purposes only.


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What list is this?

  1. Thanks for info.
  2. I have seen the list as an excel file, didn’t see that statement at the bottom
  3. If personal data, why is it in circulation and why isn’t the transfers between the two relevant clubs the only information circulated to the the specific club secretaries. A question for the DCBs GDPR department no doubt.

Ah I understand, it is personal and rightly shouldn’t be posted until its the approved list.

When is Inter- county list out?


Intercounty list is always available on the GAA website. Link below:


The intercounty transfer season does not open or close and players can transfer at any time during the year.


Its for Santa


@Boarddelegate1 will sort this out for you. He is the GDPR administrator


Actually looking at the excel again, its does state that as Parish point above.

Also, stop requesting the list from me by PM please. Cant send it by PM.


It wasn’t 25 or next to near it. Probably closer to 9 or 10. Majority of which returned after a season and some even had long senior careers with us. But it does hurt a small club no doubt about it


Does Leigh still play, if so which club is he looking to go to


How many lads are coming to Isles


I’m not going to tell you exactly but if you multiply the number of lads going to Isles by itself the answer will be nil.


It’s so disheartening when its Christmas time and you get zilch


No one none would get in the first team


Really hope this ends up as a temporary arrangement for Parnells. A club of their history and the time that has been put into hurling down there the last 10/20 years especially, to reach Senior A championship and AHL1 recently, it’s almost scary to watch how fast the team has disintegrated. Considering the local area and the general lack of numbers for Parnells and surrounding clubs I just hope this can be arranged as temporary and allow them to regroup in 2020. But how realistic this is, is another question. From an O’Tooles perspective, our adult ladies had the exact same thing happen this year gone, about 14 girls turning out and the team folded, approx. 20 transferred out to different clubs with a view of coming back this season coming. But looking at it now it doesn’t look like any will be returning. I just hope the same doesn’t happen in Parnells, as even if it’s only 10-18 lads who will commit albeit at different levels, they deserve to wear the crest that they grew up wearing and if they want to return hopefully numbers can be found for a lower division or from underage in the next season or two.