Dublin club seeks manager


Fun fact: No Mordor manager has ever received a 152/162/172 car for his troubles as they are always gone by July …


There are a lot of knowledable Football people on here and possibly some who might have a bit of spare time on their hands.
Have you ever thought of coaching Ladies Gaelic Football?
The games are during the week (April til August) so you would have your weekends free.
We, St Brendan’s of Grangegorman, may be in the lower ranks of Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football but we have dedicated players with a good attitude.
Please forward any expressions of interest to eugenej.cunningham@gmail.com


How much? :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I see Castleknock have appointed Colm Nally as Senior Coach. Very good appointment,


Colm Nally has taken up a coaching role with Andy McEntee and Meath Footballers.
Castleknock will be looking for a new manager again this year.


Peregrines be hunt for new manager too




Na Fianna on the lookout too


Will Offaly try again? :joy::joy:




Bring back pillar!! Wonder if they’ll go outside


mcnicholas jnr on lookout for adult gig, decent manager max div 5/6 id say. decent man to get into clubs


Howya Sean


Sure his team would get all home fixtures


Portobello require a new manager also; see other thread.


Has Tommy Brennan not blocked all alternate applicants


Don’t worry he’ll still be knocking about!


Ah good, was a fried he mightnt be well


Still fit as a fiddle that man!


Dessie Farrell new Na Fianna manager.