Dublin club seeks manager


He’s hardly going there for nothing . Ditto mcentee


Where did I say they were doing it for nothing?:roll_eyes:
As far as I know the likes of Curran, Sheedy, Bohan etc. all expressed interest after McEntee but either they walked away when they heard what was on offer or the Club wouldn’t give them what they were looking for.


That’s interesting. Because I know from a very good source what Curran got in Roscommon. Clearly Boden not paying that much at least!!!




I can give you’s a little insight into this lads. An ex teammate of mine was spoken to about the position and said he’d make more working in a deli at the local Spar.
Fair play to Rainbow and Joe Fortune with the hurling team (because he’s getting excatley the same) for putting the time and effort into a club team.
For every Jack Sheedy there’s at least another 10 mangers with senior clubs who get nothing more than expenses.


The ones who understand what the GAA is supposed to be about. As opposed to the ones out only to enrich themselves and who should probably be fcuked out of the GAA for good.


100% agree Alan. I know from my own experiences that the majority of lads who put themselves forward do it for the right reasons. Theres a few con men around the Gaa who tout themselves as miracle workers when in fact most are just self serving w*%kers who extract money from foolish clubs who would be better served spending a few more quid on their kids rather than paying the mortgage of these gangsters.


Club Execs have to take some blame here too. It’s not as if there are shareholders to satisfy so there is no real need to be paying big sums when the money could be better used on the grassroots.


What’s wrong with the money in spar deli’s?


Good piece on this on Off the Ball: http://www.offtheball.com/podcasts/Off_The_Ball/GAA_on_Off_The_Ball/59006/The_Price_of_GAA_Club_Success


Gabriel Brannigan new Ashbourne manager


Bank Of Ireland announce a new 50k deal with Donoghmore ashbourne

Eugene Keating fulfils his childhood ambition to play for them

year 2 at least 3 more off the dublin club merry go round have to move as they are promised jobs in BOI customerless banking


Robbie Brennan and Johnny Magee named as joint managers of Crokes.


Also Paul Griffin, Shane Smith and Robbie Leahy as management team.


Smith Done a good Job with Olafs


Busy times ahead for Johnny.



He’s not doing the Louth job anymore

Good news that crokes are going homegrown again. I think it was needed. Vincents always appoint from within and it works very well from them


The budget was probably spent on the hurling but then again Dalo has a Stillorgan twang :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Very separate budgets my friend . But you know that!


to go with his new 181 D motor ???