Dublin club seeks manager


Ok. So none of them were any good and you didn’t need them anyway.
Got it :+1:t2:


Of course they were good and of course we needed them, since they were underage. They realised that they had a chance to play at a decent level so took it, can’t blame them really. I’m just stating the fact that not all 5 are/were the backbone of the senior team, like some would lead you to believe


No backbone
Got it :+1:t2:


Oh look, there was only 1 started in the intermediate championship winning side…



Steaks and broccoli old chap, none of your fancy mumbojumbo for me!


T-bone ®?


Just in case anyone thinks this is a thread about Skerries questionable recruitment policies its actually about


No fun in that




Harper is McGarry still Hurling with ye?


I think so, but couldn’t be sure, dont follow the stick fighting at all


The whispers of patton true? Heard he’s Lusks new man


Towers were not the only victims. A lad in work was going mad yesterday after reading this. This a few came up the tracks from The brig


I Also heard patton is the new lusk manager wouldnt be a great appointment in my eyes he didnt last to long with castleknock


I wouldnt judge him on that…i think Lusk have a lot of potential and if they all buy into what he wants I believe it’ll be a good appointment…think he’ll want to make amends for what happened with knock…time will tell in the end


He was with Annes the year before that as well.


Either would I. Not sure he will be great for them if what I saw of Castleknock is what we base it on. They were when I saw them so boring to watch and in the game against Maurs, (maurs worst performance of the year) They owned the ball for long periods but were very limited. They had “shooters” who seemed the only one’s who could take a score. Very defensive forthe talent on the field. When they went direct they were excellent like what I saw 2/3 years ago.

Towers have serious potential ok. And some more good lads to come into the team from minors. Only saw them twice but on each occassion they were direct. Good ball into good forwards who got some really good scores. Would hate to see them change too much. Even with a new manager it will be hard to keep it going for a 5th year in row and Iv no doubt like all clubs J 1s and maybe 1 or 2 moving on will have a say in it.


Yes, a big season ahead for Towers, both for players and new management. Best of luck to them! Hopefully they can give the league a good rattle, having fallen just short of the playoffs last season. And a decent run in the championship would be nice too. I don’t think Towers have ever been further than the quarters in the inter champo.


Think they got to the semi-final one year, possibly around 85/86. The same year they lost intermediate league final to Maurs in the Naul. We beat a star studded Garda team in semi-final and towers beat possibly Kilmore? . There was a massive crowd at it. Very good Towers side that had Ken Farrell, Richard Kelly, Paul O’Hara, Lorcan Harford, Paul Flynn, Stephen Whyte, Matt Sheridan, Paddy or Paul Brogan? Yam Skelly, Noel Sweetman, Leo Neary. Dermot Bollard from Maurs marked his future brother in law for a while during the game…

That Garda team had Davy Byrne, Monaghan who played NFL Final a week before, Ashley Sullivan Wicklow, Jack Sheedy, John McGrath Clare, The Connolly brothers from Monaghan, They had a tipperary midfielder also, Costello and a Mayo player. It was a major shock at the time for Maurs and Towers to get to the final.


Vinny Murphy on the move so I was told