Doping in GAA


GAA players are not olympians.

Tired of this now. Whataboutery everywhere. Sports Ireland basically declared him innocent then banned him for six months.


I’m out. For good.


Innocent of deliberate wrongdoing is not innocent.

That said I’m out for good too. So there.


So what?

The GAA receive funding from Sports Ireland (or whatever they call themselves) so their athletes have to abode by the criteria for doing so = no doping = drug testing. Quid pro quo Clarice.


and take your strawman with you.


Amateur tug of war athletes aren’t professionals either . 18 months for the same substance …


They could get that reduced if they have a bit of pull …


So you want one rule for GAA players and another one for the rest of the world and nobody basically declared him innocent.


Nice to see you back in all your curmudgeonly glory. :joy::joy::joy:


The top qualifier for the U.K. Men’s marathon team in the world championship was a club runner, same as me. I’m pretty sure that if he was on something banned he wouldn’t have got in.


Is the amount of supplements quoted in this case normal? It seems a bit extreme to me, but it is very possibly the norm now?

The doping thing itself seems very much to be a mistake - why would anyone try to dope with a drug that isn’t meant to be in the product they are taking (and the chances of him doping with something else and then claiming a contaminated product, and then finding the product actually was contaminated seem ridiculously small).

But, the one thing that stood out for me in the subsequent report was the reference to ‘polypharmacy’. In this case they seemed to be suggesting that there is some extra suspicion of guilt because he was taking a lot of other stuff (although polypharmacy seems to have so many definitions it can mean anything to do with multiple medicine use). But either the use of that many supplements is normal, in which case the polypharmacy reference is purposely misleading. Or it isn’t normal, and that is a whole different conversation.


It is normal from what I see/hear.


Paul Kimmage isn’t the most reasoned individual on this . Which is understandable when 50 percent of cyclists suffer from asthma … the most abused steroid on the planet
I don’t believe the GAA has a doping problem however I do believe some guys are using them .
If guys are taking them to look good on the beach we’d be desperately naive to think GAA players wouldn’t use them to play in front of thousands of people .
Rugby also has an asthma epidemic it seems . Would be interesting to see GAA numbers in it


Kimmage isn’t exactly waving the flag for clean cycling Bart. Not even close to being the truth.


was having a chat with my contact in the world of GAA training at top level about this last night. he was telling me that Animal Stack has been the go to supplement at certain clubs and county level for over ten years.

this seems to be a version of it

what you do is take it like a loon outside of the season, and then you Tyson Gay yourself for the rest of the year, as the gear leaves your system but the mass improvement remains. So you get a slight looking lad transforming in the space of a year into a very big lad indeed. We’ve all seen that.

long term it causes kidney liver and heart problems. We’ve all seen that as well. that and variations of it are everywhere, he says. If you want to be 100% safe stick to Holland & Barrett and shops like that, otherwise dont. The bodybuilding shops are rife with stuff which isnt even in English, you really haven’t a bog what can be in them. He is adamant (and to be fair he said it a year ago) that the GAA at all levels is a timebomb.

the running scene angle is off topic, but he was telling me in great detail about the amounts in the club scene, its bonkers.


Only three GAA players have ever failed drug tests. !!!


The rest got lost by couriers …


Long but compelling argument. Don’t agree with it all. But as reported only major drug cheat scandals were found due to whistle blowers. Testing has proved to be no deterrent.