Doping in GAA


I made no such assertion.

Inter county football is an elite sport.
It is huge business. The paying customer deserves that rules are properly implemented and followed.
Amateur status has nothing to do with it.
Guidelines are in place to ensure this matter never occurred. The player made an error in judgement and got a lenient suspension.


The player is an amateur. End of story.


Subject to rules and regulations.


Yes. WADA rules and regs. Which should not apply to amateurs.


What do you say to the countless amateur athletes , cyclists and rugby players who have tested positive .
They are not professionals so should we remove testing from that as well ?
And how are those sportspeople different to elite GAA players ?


Why not?


Because they are amateurs.

Some testing is fine. WADA punishments for amateurs are ridiculous.


Straw man argument if I’ve seen one. You have to come up with something better than. They’re amateurs.


The punishment is not the same as it does not result in loss of earnings, I mean we are talking about a case where the player involved refused to go through the normal procedure and also totally ignored what was written on the label and yet he has still been given the benefit of the doubt,


No. Just can’t engage in his hobby with his friends for six months. Totally ridiculous. Some really unpleasant stuff in the Independent today.

Someone is going to get sued if they keep going after this.


Ben Johnston was an amateur in 88.

East German Olympics team were amateurs pursuing hobbies in the 80s.

We’re they unfairly treated?


People getting tens of thousands in grants are not amateurs.

I’m not arguing about thirty years ago. East Germany? Really? Where people did what they were told or disappeared. That’s where we’re at?


Have you looked at any statistics of amateur athletes testing positive who receive less money then GAA players ?
Money means nothing when it comes to competitive advantage . The human mind isn’t designed like that


Your argument is that amateurs should not be subject to anti doping controls. I’m trying to point out what level of doping in amateur sports you agree with? What’s the line in the sand you disagree? By the way. Gaa players are not subject to home visits, whereabouts control or blood testing. So not fully under Wada supervision as you’ve already implied.


I didn’t say they were under WADA supervision. I said they are subject to WADA penalties.

But as it happens Cork ladies’ footballer reports in the Indepndent this morning that her kids have been wakened by blood testers arriving at night to take a sample. So you may not be correct there about home visits. They are subject to blood testing. And they certainly are subject to whereabouts control. A lot of missed tests have been down to late venue changes for training. It is an issue Sport Ireland has raised with the GAA in just the last six weeks.

If Sport Ireland declares a player to have taken something with no guilt attached then there should be no suspension. It’s a perversion of natural justice to do otherwise. If malice aforethought is proved then let there be a suspension. One year would be enough.


What do you do in a case like this then? The GAA give him the opportunity to consult with people, they give him information advising him to do so, he decides not to for some reason or other, he then goes looking for performance enhancing supplements, which he finds, but the label does not just advice, but warns him that he must consult with a doctor before using them, again he decides to pay no heed to the warning. It is irrelevant if he is amatuer or not.
I would feel much more sorry for a lad that took a cough bottle even if the banned substance was on the label.
Dermot Connolly is very likely to be banned from playing with his buddies for gently pushing a linesman, so gently that the linesman in question didn’t seem to notice, should he get off on the grounds of being an amatuer?


Sorry but the piece about DC is just ridiculous whataboutery that makes no sense whatsoever.

As for the cough bottle that’s just baffling. A player knowingly committing an offence and you’d have more sympathy for him?

This is getting more and more bizarre.

Can somebody please address the point that Sport Ireland in essence said that was was innocent of deliberate wrongdoing and then banned him for six months?

No court in the country would impose an actual rather than a notional penalty on that basis.


Sport ireland found him guilty of not following proper procedure.
He used a supplement he shouldn’t have without going through the correct people.


I will explain!
Connolly is an amatuer, but it likely to get a ban on a par with what a professional soccer player would get, an example that if rules are broken being amatuer or pro does not come into it.
The cough bottle , the player may not know that the substances on the label, are banned, but let’s face it a cough bottle is not a performance enhancing substance. this guy was looking to enhance his performance, not cure a cough.
On the last point you are totally of the mark, that is like saying I can do what I want once I don’t know it is wrong. I mean do I only have to have a TV licence if I know I have to have one, as others have said ignorance does not mean you are innocent, but it can help , which in this case it did to reduce the sentence.


The vast majority of our Olympic Athletes do not receive any funding. Only a small proportion do. For every high profile Katie Taylor, Mo Farrah or Victoria Pendleton, on a high profile High Performance squad, getting govt grants and hoovering up sponsorship bucks, there are hundreds who receive eff all support from anyone.We just never hear about them, as all the media write about, are the medal contenders. You can’t have one doping program for one and another for the other.