Doping in GAA


Agreed that it is incomprehensible, but that does not hide the fact that the player seems to have been behaving in a more than dubious way to say the least. Some feel that amatuer sports players should not be tested, but cases like this show why it may be necessary.


It should be a very simple process.

Do not take anything that isn’t given to you and/or approved by your team doctor/physio/manager/nutritionist. It doesn’t matter if you have a leg amutated, you stub your toe, or you are suffering the after effects of a dodgy kebab. The protocols of what you can take and how much are the same.

If you decide to wander off the reservation and take something that you found on the internet, under your own steam, then on your own head be it. Zero tolerance if you get busted for it being “contaminated” or “mislabeled” or whatever the usual excuses are.

Bring into the fold, the lads that are on extended training panels (such as the fella up in Monaghan a couple of years ago) who may not have access to the usual intercounty protocols 24/7. If they are candidates for testing after a training session in February, then they need to be as educated and clued in as the regular starting 15.

It can’t be that hard, can it?

Suppose it must be, given human nature. You can’t stamp out someone going that extra mile to get that bit of edge, whatever that is You can stamp out being able to use ignorance as an excuse. The will to do so, doesn’t really seem to be there.


The Monaghan player was using Stanozol in a tablet form given to him by someone at work .
That’s a well known anabolic steroid.


Yeah and his excuse was that he didn’t know he couldn’t take it, as no one told him he couldn’t. He wasn’t on the official panel, with full time access to team doctors and nutritionists, so you can see why things could fall thru the cracks there.


Could he not ask if such supplements are ok on their whatsapp group? Or was he cut from that too?


Doesn’t seem to matter if he was or not. The Kerry player was a member of the KY WhatsApp group (Dub09, don’t even think of going there) and that didn’t stop him from taking caffeine gel advise from some randomer at the gym.


A google search of “KY Gel” will probably lead to your post.


Am v disappointed it took over 30 mins to spot that. Yiz are slipping.


I saw, but chose not to engage in such base humour. Dullards, the lot of you!


So wait. Sport Ireland accepts the bona fides of the player. Acknowledge it was a mistake and give a reduced ban.

Isn’t that the definition of the system working perfectly?*

*that’s a rhetorical question mark.


I just seen the heading on this topic. On first glance I thought it was Dogging in the gaa.I thought to myself have I missed something here.:grinning:


Or how about this. Player takes supplement. Fails a test for a substance that is nowhere to be found on the list of ingredients or in any literature about the supplement. Sport Ireland accepts this and bans him anyway.

Just depends on how you look at it!


Not at all. Because the player didn’t follow up with the procedures put in place to help him make the right choice. We’re talking elite sports here and a suspension of some sort had to follow. Ignorance has never been an acceptable defence.


That is where the ban is justified I suppose, they are giving him the benefit of the doubt as regards his intentions, but that does not mean he doesn’t have to assume some amount of guilt. Being honest I think they are being reasonably generous to him.


So six months for not following procedure and believing what he read.



Alberto contador. 1 year and stripped of a tour.

Maria sharapova. 15 months.

Both bans coming from ignorance. At best.


What if there was another container …


Both professionals. Amateurs should not be subject to WADA rules.


Then the gaa shouldn’t charge 90 euros to an all Ireland final.

Your logic makes no sense


Neither does yours. Selling tickets to an event doesn’t make the performers professional. That’s a ridiculous assertion.