Doping in GAA


Well certainly no doctor or nutritionist could have identified any illegal substance if they weren’t even asked,

There is nothing wrong with what O’Riordan is saying there at all - he is reiterating the finding. As someone said let O’Sullivan sue. I would if my name was smirched like this. I can’t understand why he wouldn’t …


I agree 100% about the MHA not being on the label, but the player in question claims he googled it or whatever, I am not doubting that he did, but I suggest you do the same, like the player I could not find anything where it stated that it contained banned substances, but in a 10 minute search I found a hell of a lot that would make me very wary about taking it without getting the ok. We are not talking about a cough bottle, this is a product that is specifically designed to burn fat quickly, straight away I found some of what O Riordan is stating, I also found a an advantages and disadvantages thing in a review of the product and one of the disadvantages was " A lack of information".
A lot of the pages about it were in some eastern European languages and we all know the culture there for bodybuilding etc.
There is a bit of a contradiction here, you look up something on the internet to make sure it is ok, you don`t find anything stating that it is not ok, so you automatically assume it is ok despite seeing a lot of warning signs and if I saw warning signs anyone else looking it up would too…


Thanks Alan, I will.


We are now totally and completely off the point.


I answered your main point, which was that you seemed to feel it was unfair that Pros and Ams get treated in the same way when it comes to bans, if you only take time into account you have a point, but when it comes to earnings well there is a huge difference and the bans are much more severe for Pros in that respect. In a nutshell the ban is the same but the consequences are a lot different .


If you are reading Eastern European labelling and want to avoid MHA chances are a load of ham will be delivered to your door.


If he had spoken to his nutritionist he never would have taken it . All inter county players know the rules - you don’t take supplements that aren’t approved by your own medical staff.
It’s the same rules that apply to all amateur athletes . Once you source any of these type of supplements on the Internet or in “health shops” you are playing with fire


You go to the internet to check out if a product is safe to to take, you find this and then you go ahead and take, question is why did you bother going to the internet in the first place?


bigp - can you research a few more … cough… performance enhancing drugs and post your results here - especially generic ones that might cost less that Pfizer … I mean brand names …but give you just as good a lift .


And it is not about whether he is a Dub or not, there is too much of a culture in sport to try and find what you can take, a lot of the stuff you can take legally is probably not very good for you either, there should be a clamp down all this supplement sh…, . lads no are not worried about whether it is bad for you or not, just worried about getting caught and that is not the way to go. A bit like the typical drink driving attitude, not worried about having an accident only worried about getting checked.


But you won’t acknowledge the fact he broke protocol . And a simple expresso pre game would have covered what he says he was looking for . A supplement is not required for a caffeine boost pre game .

It’s up there with the bizarre in my view


Agree 100%, I mean it is not a case of someone that took an inhaler or something for a cold because they were under the weather, it is about someone that was clearly looking for something to enhance his performance, albeit legally, but he ignored the basic rules, he also ignored the advice given on the actual label, I mean I saw somewhere where it says don’t take the stuff after 5 in the evening or you won’t be able to sleep, it must give you some buzz.
I am not saying he was intentionally doping, but it is clear that he was looking for something to improve his performance and he was looking for it outside of what would be the norm. I mean we spend all day talking about the money being spent on winning all Irelands, things like nutritionists etc, and then a player chooses to ignore these facilities.


So six months for naivety. Six months for breaking protocol. Amateur athlete.

Fair enough. Many of you have a view I simply don’t agree with.


The point is amateur cyclists, rugby players and athletes have been banned for the same and are probably saying what makes GAA different ?
Anyway a good lesson for young GAA players out there


The point is every case is different. The point is also that even when you do nothing wrong and the Sport Ireland accepts that you’re still getting banned.


Alan, he did do something wrong FFS. He disobeyed protocols that were put there for his protection, what if he had purchased something that was contaminated and did him harm.

As TLR says, it’s a vital lesson learnt and one that will be of benefit to other young players going forward.


If you had all the info that top level inter county players are given, after googling the product for 10 mins you would go ahead and take it without consulting with anyone, IMO it was a bit more than breaking the protocol, it was downright carelessness and that is assuming it was not taken on purpose.


Amazing that carelessness and stupidity is now a reason for severe punishment. We better all be careful so.

I’ll leave it there.


At no point did I say the player deserved to be punished, just made the point that there is very strange set of circumstances, I don’t how he got a ban if he was deemed innocent.


Neither do I bigp. The statement from Sports Ireland coupled with a six month ban is simply incomprehensible.