Doping in GAA


Lively debate . Marc Ó Sé comes across badly here in my opinion but by way of mitigation Kimmage has been having this conversation for years .


Reading that transcript he got his ( Marc ) arse handed to him . Nice job by Kerry keeping it under wraps . Had it been a Dub it would have made the news as soon as the results came out.


There is more on the whole thing in tomorrow’s Examiner in relation to questions asked at a Kerry County Board meeting.


They obviously tried to have it brushed under the carpet and were nearly there - so it appears that there was complicity at much higher levels of the Association outside of Kerry. Makes you wonder if there aren’t more cases that got the hush hush treatment more successfully.

And if he did nothing wilfully wrong what was he even doing searching the internet for supplements? Surely he knows the risks there?? Be interesting to see the search words used …


This is a PR disaster for the GAA. You only have to walk into a gym and pick out the juicers. And we’d be naïve to think some don’t wear GAA Jerseys. What makes GAA cleaner then amateur tennis, athletics , cycling and rugby that have all had amateurs testing positive in recent years.


That interview just raises questions. So the Kerry lads were told what supplements to take, yet this player decided to take something else. Surely somebody should be asking why he decided to do that.

Overall I find it a little disturbing that a player could serve a suspension without it being announced that he is doing so and for what reason. You have to wonder if there have been other suspensions we haven’t heard about.


Marc O’Shea seems to know everything about the case. Then next second he claims he only heard about it yesterday.


Not sure as to whether we should open a separate thread for this, it’s that important an issue


Read it earlier on twitter. Very good link. @dcr22B Set up separate thread. Worth a read Ressers.


Will do it later on when I have a desktop, not easily done on the phone.


Ah that bloke … he’s huge … just saying …


as Alan keeps mentioning they don’t get paid, I was wondering is it only students who get GPA grants or do all players? There are also added bonuses for some counties with cars to players for the year which in Dublin’s case would probably amount to roughly €8-10,000 if it was BIK.


Not being much of a gym dude, what are the giveaways? I’ve heard about spots on the back. Now I’ll have to roam the streets eyeing up big motherfûckers to see if I can spot clues.

Ben Johnson’s bulging eyes… That’s what always comes to mind when I think of lads being juiced out of their nut!


There’s methadone in their madness …


Good article there



It now happens that the substance that O’Sullivan took did not list MHA, the banned substance he tested possitive for, in its list of ingredients either on the bottle of tablets or online. The player himself was able to present evidence of having conducted internet research into the product before taking it.

So having done his due diligence he fails the test because the company failed to include a list of all ingredients on the bottle and in its online presence. All of this is accepted by Sport Ireland, who said the player “bore no significant fault or negligence”

Then an amateur player is banned for almost six months and his name released into the public domain.

Sorry but that is absolutely outrageous.


Why was he taking it?


Why do people take any supplement?

Appalling way to treat a young man who has done absolutely nothing wrong. The fault is with the manufacturers.


He should have gone through his nutritionist. I would be wary, an intercounty player should know better.

Granted there are lots of other arguments to consider…