Doping in GAA


There was a touch of the Bart about it though, or Paul Williams, as you do eloquently said!

Ninja edit: They are receiving compensatory gifts though and some financial rewards… Not entirely in the amateur ethos, is it?



I’ll shut up so.

I still would say they are amateurs. We’ll agree to differ :wink:




Tut tut Alan - you’re painting our lads as PED munching monsters! WADA well on the way to cleaning up cycling, swimming, athletics etc. We can only hope that our beloved amateur games stay clear of the dreaded drugs … like rugby.

There is the issue of a guy taking recreational drugs getting caught out but they are against the law …


I don’t think the rewards are massive. I do think they are sufficiently enticing to lead to a situation whereby someone could indulge in PED’s for the edge . Being a county player opens doors in this country . Being an All Ireland winner is an exalted social position .

Penalties by WADA I suppose Is a different argument but where PED’s are misused I think the penalties should be severe .


Yeah. WADA going great guns alright.


Was it them that found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq too?


They are currently looking for the Lost City of Atlantis, having failed to find any evidence that Seanie was guilty!!


Professional or Amateur shouldn’t come into it. . These guys are playing at the highest level in their chosen sport, they are role models to thousands of kids , are on TV , they do a lot of promotional work which has financial gain(which fair play to them). But their has to be some sort of structures in place to dissuade anyone on the team or periphery from attempting to seek an advantage through taking peds.


It absolutely does come into it. That’s why professional and amateur are two different words meaning two different things.


It’s about trying to keep a Sport clean. Not the amount of money that the participants get paid. We are not talking about junior b footballers being tested.
These are the top guys in our game.
Would you rather there was no testing and just base it on trust.,


Amateur or Professional, taking drugs is wrong full stop, and it doesn’t matter what way anyone tries to dress it up.


For the final time. Testing is not the issue. Punishing them as you wouldn’t professional athletes is the issue.


Nothing to punish if they are clean!!!


But Alan, boxing is Amateur in the Olympics, and they pay a heavy price if they test positive. Surely same should apply in this case.
What’s annoying is the Yerra Brigade and their 'He served his time and the nothing to see here attitude"
If that was a Dublin player he’d be hung out to dry.


Who’s been punished that’s been clean and haven’t took something they’ve shouldn’t?

As I’ve said it’s all about education and the rules are there.

When people are putting their hand out they aren’t complaining


It was live televised programme Alan and it was 5-7 years ago. So we don’t need Paul Williams. So in this case it was a fact


Just curious…what punishment should there be (if any) for a intercounty GAA player caught horsing into PEDs?


Alan’s a teacher. I’m guessing he’s gonna come back with …,

300 lines

‘I am an amateur and mustn’t take performance enhancing drugs’ …


sorry Alan, as an amature runner i totally disagree. a drugs issue has developed in masters and amature running and some of the times i have seen i am told are highly suspect - and this is in a sport where literally the only people who know you ran are in the race or follwoing you on facebook. if people are doing that where there is usually no money at stake they can be doing it in GAA where there are rewards for players and teams even if no pay.