Doping in GAA


Why are you assuming that lads are? If they were, it would have to involve others. Physios and team doctors would know. There are signs, e.g. a rash on your back from some drugs. You would have to get the drugs from somewhere. It’s very difficult to keep that a secret. There is no evidence to suggest that this is a problem. Booze is a far bigger one!!!


So what’s to fear then?


A hobby should not be subject to the same rules as a job. If you can’t see the difference between professionals cheating to gain millions and a lad playing football with his mates then I’m out.


Surprised at your attitude. I know for a fact there are inter county players who have taken PEDs. Doctors have gone on the record about being contacted anonymously by players about certain substances .

Amateur cycling, rugby are riddled with them. I don’t know what the solution is but not having the testing is the answer.


Would it be alright then if some lad playing with his mates gets broken up as a result of a tackle from an opponent who has developed muscles with the aid of banned substances? It doesn’t matter if a sport is professional or not, there will always be players who will see to gain an advantage by fair means or foul.
Spot checks by drug testers lessens the chance of that happening and is a good thing in my opinion.
I do, however, think it is unfair to detain players for hours after matches waiting for them to provide a sample. There must be a better way of collecting a sample, by blood test or urine test the next day for example.


So Dublin - training their socks off for years get beaten by a team riddled with players on PEDs and that’s ok with you?


If you are taking medication you let the right people know and if you change your medication e.g different inhaler you let them know.
Anyone involved know the rules and have all been giving guidelines and plenty of courses etc.

Players will gain try gain advantage and any cost and not always for financial gain.


The Indo says that the Testers accept that it was taken unintentionally, as it came into his system via a contaminated product. But according to the rules the player is still responsible and will be punished, though less severely. This sounds unjust - in any other walk if life, if you do something wrong unintentionally, then you are not at fault surely?


Is it ok if a fella gets broken up by a fella who isn’t on drugs?

I’m not necessarily against testing. I am completely against WADA penalties for failing tests.

And Bart I’ve no idea why you aren’t a Paul Williams type journalist. You know an awful lot ‘for a fact’. Surely someone someone would print your stories?


And here comes the hyperbole.

As I said, I’m out.


It is totally unjust and should not apply to amateur players. Be they Dubs or from any other county :flushed:


Cop out more like Alan


Brilliant! The linear champions are liner again.


Come back to me when the GAA is rife with PEDs. Because when it is Dublin players will be full of them too.


Propose an alternative to testing . Genuinely at a loss as to how the misuse of PED’s could be tracked without testing . This isn’t a few lads out for a kick about on the green . It is the apex of our games .
The rewards of playing inter county could easily entice players to indulge in a product that could give them an unfair advantage over competitors .
There are examples from other sports that show that the use of drugs needn’t be systemic . A player can make a personal choice to misuse drugs and there have to be checks in place to ensure this doesn’t happen .
I’m very uncomfortable with the public aspect of it for people playing amateur sports but people are aware of the implications at that level of the sport .


It won’t be … because of the excellent WADA testing regime …


What massive rewards are there for reaching the apex of our games? I know and work with inter county players. None of them are making a full time living off their fame. Unlike, say, some managers.

And I didn’t object to testing per se. I object to WADA penalties for amateur sportsmen. Considering what professionals get away with it’s a joke that they are exposed to this kind of punishment.


Well let’s hope none of the Dublin lads fall foul of it, eh?

Funny too the way that excellent WADA regime can’t do anything for cycling, athletics etc😜


In your opinion Alan. Doesn’t make it correct though. All sports should have doping testing and consequences IN MY OPINION!

Oh, and I love the way you paint our sports as purely amateur! They train to a professional level as you well know, therefore shouldn’t be differently treated.


Does it really need to be stated that it’s my opinion? Who else’s opinion would it be?

Professional means paid in my book. Which they are not.