Well done in taking the right steps, I wish you continued success on life’s journey. On another point €7,000 for insurance, I nearly choked, your driving a car I presume around a first world city wow


Honestly, I go wherever the wind takes me TBH. Have no “base” as such and tend not to work late nights as in Fri/Sat nights, I tend to be home in Lusk before 3am


€7k is fecking ridiculous insurance for a rickshaw!

Best of luck with all dcr :+1:


That €7k is reasonable as some drivers have been quoted five figure sums. Assuming I am claims free over the next 2 years, it should be €2.5k by 2020 which is a nice bit of extra wedge to have i mo phóca


@dcr22B Great news, keep it going. Just reading your piece of news puts a pep in the step. Maith thú.


Jesus. That’s brilliant. Fair play. If u can find some way now, to monetize the other great love of your life, you’ll really be on the pigs back. Have you considered getting the Jo maxi wrapped in the latest Slayer/ Adele /Anthrax/Iron Maiden album cover?


Anything available online dcr? As in one on one…


Well done yourself Dave, and for discussing it on the forum.


Brilliant news dcr22b and thanks for sharing your journey so far .
So many people are stuck in jobs they hate which leads to stress and then effects other aspects of their life. Family inevitably suffers. Very brave and great encouragement for others that it’s never too late to walk away from a stressful job and start


Fair play boss!