You sure f**king are …

Keep at it witty. Just doing what you’re doing is big progress. Stay positive!


It can be a very slow process. Finding the right counselor is a big thing.


Keep it up man , I was advised if you dont click with a councilor move on & choose another . Takes time but stick with it !


Keep at it big guy. It’s not easy opening up about very personal stuff, to someone you only just met, or finding the right person that you click with. You’ll get there, it’ll just take time.


Hang in there SW!


@something_witty I have been doing group therapy for the past few months and found it really useful if you want to PM me, I can discuss it more with ye.


We’re all pulling for you, SW.

It’s a slow rollercoaster. A minefield, at times. Find your own path and make use of any professional support available to you. You may find that at different times you’re more open to certain things that at other times you’re not ready for at all. Try not to despair too much at the pitfalls, which there will be. Keep on keeping on, bro!

One love.


Thanks man!


Just want to say, I took an over dose this morning, ended up in an ambulance to Beaumont A&E, and from start to finish everyone who dealt with me were out of this world. In a crisis situation like I was in, I couldn’t recommend A&E in Beaumont enough, the building may not be beautiful but the staff are honestly superb


Christ take care of yourself and hopefully there is someone tat home to help care for you


Ah man :sweat:, PM if you feel up for it .


Really glad to hear you pulled through, would miss your posts on here & I want to be still reading them as we go for 5 in a row. Don’t let the resers down, be strong, we are all here batting for you bud.


Cheers lads, not my finest hour but I’ll get through it as always


yea ffs something, so selfish not thinking of us, stick around buddy!


ffs this has gone on long enough. Cunningham has to go!!!
Keep her lit SW, we don’t want you missing Mr MacCarthy coming home…


5 in a row ? I’ll have whatever Nappers having ! SW , great that you came through - keep posting


Jaysus lad, sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself man because if you don’t I’ll keep pm’eming you on a daily basis bomber listons greatest hits (a collation of his finest kerryman articles). Lok after yourself plenty of lads here to help you out if needed.


Jaysus. Not what I was expecting to read but glad that you’re here to tell us, S_W. Keep at it. Easy for me to say of course but sincere good wishes to you.

And good to be reminded that successful stories do exist in Beaumont, yours being exactly that.

All the best.


We’re all rooting for you my Brother !

(Any chance you could pop down to the Physiotherapy Dept & give Brian Fenton a big, wet slobbery kiss from all of us? Seeing as you’re already there like…)


Very sorry to hear this, s_w but glad you’ve come through somewhat unscathed.
Feel free to pm, if you wish. I’m not sure if I can offer any advice or anecdotes - maybe I can. But if you just want to utter countless expletives at me for any reason, whatsoever, that’s fine too.