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McDaid was in the panel for the Laois game


I enjoyed Darraghs article on Comortas Peile na Gaeltachta. Sounds like a cracking weekend.


Darragh talks about the likes of Keegan, Boyle and COC being leaders. Only one of them showed anything near leadership v Galway and that was Boyle.


Cillian O’Connor a leader? :joy::joy::joy: Everything is all about Cillian as far as he’s concerned. He comes across as an individual who doesn’t really care if Mayo lose as long as he racks up his frees. Moran pushing him off a free in the replay last year when he was doing his usual 45 second run up for a handy free at 5 points behind tells you all you need to know about his leadership qualities.


The only thing Cillian O’Connor leads with, is his left elbow right into the face of Rory O’Carroll.



The great tradition of Meath elbowing indeed lives on



They’re fairly obsessed with dublin alright.


Yerra, we’re showing them nothing eh Darragh :grin:

We’re better than Kerry but we were hot enough favourites in 2013 & we only pulled away in the last 5 minutes having being behind with 3 minutes normal time remaining. As I said on another thread, my biggest worry so far is that we’re ripe for an ambush in the quarter finals as we’ll more than likely learn nothing from the Leinster final. Come through a tough test in the QFs and it could set us up perfectly to go through to September 18th.


We are the itch they cannot scratch now :sweat_smile:. Never would I have thought in my lifetime that we would be in this position .


i now yea, ha, enjoy it while it lasts!


It’s just that we are currently the benchmark. Everybody compares themselves to the best in all walks of life.


One very good point he does make is how uneven the championship is. It shows how outdated the current structure ie and the GAA really need to get rid of the provincials to bring excitement back to the champo.


He throws the argument of not having a test in early summer out the window as well. The easier the better is his mentality. Suppose it’s down to a players attitude in training really, if lads really are at 100% in the A v B games then that should be as good as any match.


I disagree.

Irrespective of attitude or mentality I don’t believe a training game can replicate the pressure of a real game, especially in the scenario where things are going awry. And over time players must become so familiar with each other that there are few surprises during those training games.

For example Laois are brutal but that game was invaluable as it highlighted again our weaknesses.


That is true and it would have been my opinion. But to be fair that Kerry team were very successful and they never had a problem with the handy run to August. So they would have relied heavily on the AvB games to get them match sharp. Similar for Kilkenny I suppose.


But to echo what @_TL says, you can only use those games to stay fresh and motivated. I would really much rather a test or two to keep the head working on things that you mightn’t have mastered but could easily remain hidden for the big day.

One wonders had we gotten a sterner test v Monaghan in 2014, would we have been as gung ho v Donegal next day out?


Genuinely, I think we would have been once we ended up on the right side of the result.
Kerry 2013 springs to mind.


For 27 mins it was déjà vu all over again Rodney. And would have been … Had we taken the goal chances as we did against Monaghan


That Kerry team were beaten in 2002, 2006, 2008 & 2009 by Cork. Several of the times they beat them it was close, with a couple of replays. Not exactly a ‘handy run’. In any case how many times did we hear that Dublin’s run was “too handy” and didn’t prepare us for much harder games? Does this not apply to Kerry too then, according to those who keep the mantra about “handiest run”?

Dublin having ‘too handy a run’ in 2014 was often stated as a major reason we blew up against Donegal. Whatever about players ‘preferring the handier run’ in the province, the vast majority of evidence suggests that more competitive games are better (as long as you win!). Against that, too many very competitive games can leave a team tired, which I think happened to Donegal in the last few years.

That said, Tyrone managed the longest, hardest run to an All-I in 2005, ten games.