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Totally agree, the league is by far the better competition structure. Wish they’d ever get on with it & combine the two competitions.

The early rounds of the football championship are serious snore fests. Too many predictable matches.


I’ve felt for years that the league is an excellent competition that is constantly undermined by the low regard in which it is held . It winds me up to hear managers and players undermine any progress they make with the universal contextualisation "it’s only the league) I don’t know what drives that . It’s obviously historical but lesser competitions in other sports have been conceived of and hyped up to have a meaning beyond their actual substance and the league is left to languish . If it was held in high regard it would negate some of the need for reform in the championship .



That’s definitely one of Darragh’s better ones.

The key to Dublin this summer going back to back is that unlike 2012, we’re not relying on the same players to go through the whole summer which would be the only criticism I would have of Gilroy that year.


I’ve thought for a while that the departure of o Carroll and mccaffrey might give us the focus we need to retain Sam , but now I find myself in agreement with Darragh I’m worried


I don’t think it’s even about focus. It’s an opportunity to prove to the wider GAA world that losing 2 of our strongest assets need not necessarily weaken us. In fact, it may conversely make us stronger…


DOSé keeps doing his job, piling it on. Maith an Fear Laidir.


Is there a correlation between how his articles are received and how he treats the Dubs within the article?

He’s right in what he says, McCarthy makes the same point in other places today - losing the lads has forced everybody else to up it. McCarthy being a case in point.

Unfortunately we won’t know until it’s too late if we have adequately replaced the two players.


How do you mean TL?


I mean do we either rage or regard his articles depending on how nice he is to us in them.

I was being mischievous.


Get ya!

I think he is always writing it while winking at the Kingdom folk meself


I had initially thought it could make us stronger too - the theory being that everyone has to focus/try harder to make up for the loss of two great players.

However the pessimist in me is swinging towards the opposite case - specifically in defence. Surely players like Cian, Philly, McCarthy and Cooper are all even more nailed onto the team as starters without the competition of McCaffrey and O’Carroll ensuring that every position in defence no longer has a 5-star replacement waiting to jump in if not pulling their weight.

This is very evident this Saturday. Assuming the league final defence starts, then the only real 5-star tried-and-tested defender waiting on the sidelines is Fitzsimons.

Therefore the older experienced defenders cannot but feel more secure/content about their positions this year. Which has to be a negative.


Would the speed at which Brian Fenton took the starting jersey from a former Footballer of the Year, not be enough to put the frighteners on anyone tempted to take their foot off the gas this year?


But there’s a difference ProudDub - Fenton took a place in the one area of the team in which - at the time - we were weakest in, consisting of an aging Bastick, an out-of-form MDMA and Cian who was being shifted into the backs. So back then midfield was ripe for a new midfielder to push his way into it. In fact the team demanded it because McCauley just wasn’t playing good enough to start and Cian was needed elsewhere.

Our current defence is excellent. It’s the lack of depth of talent that is now the problem - which is unusual as it used to be the unit of the team in which we had an embarrassment of riches. The fact is, if one of the starters loses form then Fitzsimons starts instead. That would mean, all the other players know that unless that have a catastrophic loss of form, there is no-one else in which Gavin would risk instead of them.


To be fair Roman, Darren Daly has never let the side down when he has been called upon even at the latter stage of big championship games.


That’s very true.

When making my point, I didn’t mean to cast any disparaging vibes towards the current back-up that is available. All of them would walk onto most teams in the country and the Dublin teams of the past.

I just mean that last year Fitzsimons, Small and Byrne was a worry-free bench selection in terms of game-time and experience compared to what we have now.

Though admittedly, I’d forgotten just how much experience Daly has under his belt.


Don’t worry, I know exactly what you were getting at & I’m still a wee bit nervous that our defence doesn’t have the options like we had in 2015 but I guess we’re really not going to have a clue until August anyway.


Considering the focus is on the defence, Robbie McDaid had a good year with Boden and UCD. Former captain at Minor. Played FB with U21’s. Surely worth an inclusion in the squad?

However I don’t believe this will be a problem the further we progress. The teams in the early rounds don’t possess enough skilled footballers, so often they resort to long balls and this may have caught the lads off guard.

Look at the defence (Philly, Jonny, James, Cian, Small, David Byrne, Fitzsimons, Daly) have tons of big game experience and I wouldn’t doubt them being able to improve especially later in the year.