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As he was saying “this would be the right place to attack and split Thomas and froome” the attack happened.


Dan Martin has been a bit unlucky with a crash and a puncture on 2 stages. Really hampered his chances.
I’d agree that with a good team he would have a real shot at podium finish.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s stage. The tourmalet always produces fireworks.


Team Sky apparently still fear for Thomas having a bad day. They are apparently still keen to protect Froome in case of such an occurrence.

He was even more unlucky last year, a terrible crash (I think caused by but not really the fault of Richie Porte) took out Dan Martin with about a week to go when Martin was in about 6th place on GC. Martin remounted and still finished the Tour (Porte retired). I think overall, it cost Martin a podium finish.


Yep would have made top 3 last year were it not for the crash. Basically rides the tour by himself with little or no team support.


On the final climb yesterday the commentator mentoned when the riders did the recce of the road months ago the road was a dirt track but now it was tarmaced. He asked Kelly what difference that would make to the riders probably expecting a technical in-depth answer.
In classic deadpan Kelly style he just stated the bloody obvious that it would make it easier.


So Chris Froome wins the Tour again, this time by proxy. It’s embarrassing really. Where’s Oprah when you need her