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He took more than his tue permitted.

Simple. Lose vuelta title.
Take 6 month ban.
Dirto got a yaer for less.


Check out the responses to his tweet about it, hilarious


Tick Tock for ‘Team Marginal Gains’ and Sir Bradley.

We all knew about this already this just makes it more official


I think it’s laudable that a whole team can beat asthma and become successful. Such an inspiration for others.


He’s not wrong. Flandis had his stripped. Should be no different for Bradley


Thank god for Chris Froome, TUE … I mean OBE …


Agree, but take a look at who finished 2nd to Wiggins that year?


There’s a decent mockumentary out called Tour De Pharmacy. It’s worth a gander. If he rest of it wasnt so serious you’d laugh.