A really decent strike rate, also - given the circumstances.


Great achievement

Hopefully he keeps going and gives Pakistan a decent target


Some rain forecast tomorrow afternoon too. Draw not out of the question yet


Scoring over 300 in your second innings is quite good.


319/7 @ close of play

Kev O’Brien will be among the contenders for Sports person of the year for me


Unless McClean scores again for Ireland


Or posts a slightly witty picture caption on twitter about a player going out with a celeb.


Kevin O’Brien out without adding to his score.

He should now retire from test cricket with a batting average of 79.00.


Superb second innings comes to an end for Ireland. Pakistan need 160, some rain forecast around lunchtime. This ain’t over. Just a shame we couldn’t have even added another 50 runs to our first innings score!


Both teams are in a bit of a dilemma. If Ireland attack with the ball (an why not - it’s 80% humidity), and got a few early wickets, they could sense blood. Attack too much and not strike wickets, and you’re handing it on a plate, almost, to Pakistan.
Pakistan… do they look to chase this down? 160 off maybe 40-50 overs before rains probably stops things altogether? Not an easy run chase if Ireland set a defensive field. But if Pakistan attack, they might be vulnerable to losing quick, early wickets.


Tim Murtagh!! TAKE A BOW!!!


I’ll happily see Ireland concede 6 off each over if they can take a wicket in each over too.


The field for Ireland is as attacking as it gets, great stuff.


Another wicket for Ireland!!!


2 down, 8 to go.
This could be historic!
One thing for sure, there are about 1 billion Indian people shouting for Ireland!


And there’s the 3rd!!! Jesus I’m delighted I took a trip into Malahide today to watch this!


Shafiq hit 60-odd in the first innings. One more wicket before lunch, without losing too many runs, will really pressurise the Pakistanis.


Really could do with a wicket before lunch…
Both Rankin and Murtagh need a breather, also.


Quiet last 45 mins or so, need to get the pressure back on after lunch.