Great day for Ireland so far.

Pakistan now 153/5


Shafiq’s innings aside, Pakistan have struggled.
Pakistan traditionally rely on spin bowling given thry grow up playing on dry, dusty wickets with minimal grass. Hopefully, their bowlers will also struggle.



Another gone 159/6


This on tv anywhere lads?


Red Button on Sky Sports Cricket


Good stuff from Ireland. Great day all round


Good morning for Ireland. Up to the batsmen to make their mark now.


Batsmen making their mark alright… 2 wickets down already. 5/2.



Getting run out in Test Cricket is criminal at the best of times. But when you’re the opening batsman, chasing 180 runs to force the opposition to bat again, it’s unforgivable. It’s not like the two batsmen in question are short of experience.
Andrew Balbirnie will remember his first Test in cricket for the wrong reasons, too. 2 ducks!


Well, at least we have surpassed our 1st innings score. Hopefully, we can get the Pakistanis to bat again.


Pakistan have to bat again :clap:

At least we don’t have the ignomy of losing by an innings in our first test


… and congratulations to Kevin O’Brien - the first man to score a half-century for Ireland in a test match. Tope scorer in both innings. He really should be batting at 4.


He has only to hang in for another 35 minutes so


50 for Thompson :clap::clap:

Kev edging closer to a century


Thompson out for 53


Pair of them are making a great fight of it.
At least the bowlers will have some incentive tomorrow. If 2 more batsmen had made 20 more runs each in each innings, you’d be looking at a fighting target.
Hard luck Thompson.


Kev onto 90 now :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


97… I really hope he does it.


99 now