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That’s game more than likely


Fùck it anyway


We really have to look at what’s going wrong at grassroots level with the game here …


We need some McCarthyism.

Poor chap - his bowling was the losing of it. The bowling from the other four would have kept the Afghans in check. Paul Stirling should have been given a couple of overs instead of McCarthy. Ireland’s spinners conceded the fewest runs per over.


Bad luck to our lads. Congrats to Afghanis, they will really appreciate this achievement and hopefully enjoy the WC, get a big game Vs India


Maybe a bit of perspective is required here…
Afghanistan THUMPED the West Indies in the final yesterday. A far more comfortable victory for them than their win over Ireland.

England wallopped by the Kiwis!

Aussies fiddling with their balls.



A person with balls from Australia
Used tampering paraphernalia,
Spectators can vouch,
He had in a pouch
Adjacent to his genitalia


Very good…

From where did you rip that?


The 3 boys have been sent home from South Africa

Further punishment to be announced in the next 24 hours. Presumably will see Smith and Warner sacked as captain and vice captain respectively


Heard this live earlier on and your man disappeared quick smart when the Michael Vaughan piece was played…


Jim Maxwell disappeared? What was the Michael Vaughan piece? Was it about him saying he believes the cheating went on in the Ashes series?
By the way, from what I heard, Jim Maxwell had trouble commentating at that now infamous test match when it became public knowledge that the ball tampering was going on,such was his anger at his fellow countrymen.


He said he had many other Australian networks to talk to. The Vaughan piece was from the other day (Maxwell was also part of the conversation) where he called the Kiwis purists and went on about how the Aussies were the worst at personal sledging & other forms of skullduggery.

Link at the bottom might be it:


Lehman has resigned as Australia head coach


Ah no, no, nooo!! Another Lehman collapse


Best of luck to Ireland today - a historic day for Irish cricket. Probably no play today, alas, due to the weather but the next four days look reasonable.


I’m looking forward to it this weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised if they push Pakistan close but it’s a totally different game playing Test cricket.

Good piece in the Irish Times this morning


Well, one thing is for sure… Cricket is a summer sport. Hard to play it in Ireland in the absence of a summer most years.


And irelands first ever test wicket goes to Boyd Rankin, with Tim Murtagh taking one with the very next ball! Great start!