Getting interesting. Ireland into 4/1 now. Required run rate creeping up towards 5 per over.


Very similar innings …

On losing third wicket we were 121-3 after 32.2

They are 123-3 after 31 - they just hit a 4


Only getting a few more wickets can save Ireland. Hopefully, the middle and lower order batsmen will be of a significantly poorer standard.

Much better over from McCarthy.



C’MON IRELAND. Keep the pressure on.


They will probably still need to bowl them out now !!! 6 Wickets for 60 odd runs its a tough ask


Yes, but if they can stop them scoring over the next 4 or 5 overs it will force the Afghanis to try to hit out more. Afghanistan can win by picking up one’s and two’s and the odd boundary. Stop them doing that, and Ireland have a chance.


They have at least dragged themselves back into the game.
Hopefully can keep the pressure on now.


McCarthy’s first four overs went for 27 runs (could be the losing of it). His last three overs cost 5 runs. if he can pick up a wicket or two…

Required run rate almost at 6 per over now.

Ireland into 12/5 now.


Main problem now really is cause they’ve a lot of wickets left one really big over for them could win it really
Least the rate is over 6 now


Really turning the screw, however.


I backed us at 14/1 having seen this thread this morning and knowing very little about cricket. :crossed_fingers: McCarthy seems to be doing his level best to lose this match for us


A six and a four. :disappointed_relieved:

And now a wide. FFS.




Back out to 12/1 now :weary:


Might as well have had me bowling…


Ha, and then he gets a wicket. Still possibly the losing of the game that last over


Getting sweaty again here, who knew cricket could provide this entertainment


Conceding a run off the last ball might be better than the wicket. Keeps Stanikzai off strike.


Unfortunately looking like that one big over that I mentioned what all they needed really.


Is this on tele anywhere?