209-7 from the 50. Not great but big pressure on Afghans now. We need to hound them out of it.


210 the target. Very evenly poised.

Apparently, if Afghanistan bat sufficient number of overs to get a valid result and the game ends in a tie, Zimbabwe will go through as Ireland’s NRR will drop yet a non-result won’t impact on the respective NRR’s… I haven’t a clue how they work that out.

Yep, all… need I hope the Irish Wolf them out of it.


Not a great score at all really. Will need to get early wickets and create pressure from the start.


Definitely need early wickets. Tidy start from Murtagh but you need to get their batsmen panicking by getting those wickets.


Where’s that focking rain???


Afghanistan might reach their target off McCarthy’s bowling alone.


nearly a run a ball in first 6 overs … jaysus … start bowling underarm …


Murtagh barely keeping Ireland in it.
Need two or three quick wickets.


At least Extras hasn’t scored much yet.


53 from 60 balls … some bowling that …


Ireland now 11/1 in play betting. Think they are harsh odds looking at how it is going. Should be higher!!


14/1 now.


Our only hope is if the Afghanis lump on …


Bowling improving slightly


… or if they send in a few English batsmen…

Spin bowlers putting the brakes on a bit.


Shahzad out. Slight hope?

Just before that wicket, Ireland were 18/1. Back in to 11/1 now.


They’ve a small chance now but will need another quick wicket or two


Crucially, the Afghan innings has past the 20 over mark and they’re well ahead in the D/L scoring system. Rain won’t save Ireland now.


Another wicket. Singh and Murtagh and McBrine have certainly slowed them down.


Gulbadin gone! Come on lads - don’t let them settle!