Balls… a four.
8 runs needed from 3 balls.


This is so exciting …


7 from 2. Ervine off strike.


All over. The ball is firmly in Ireland’s court now!!!


The unlikely result has happened. Hopefully we can take advantage of our big break tomorrow. Be a tough game though.


Amazing rub of the green. Hope we take advantage tomorrow


Hope it lashes rain tomorrow in Harare. All day, please.


IF its rained off are we through


Yep… hence why I hope it rains.


IF it rains Ireland,Scotland, Afg and Zim end up on 5 points how do we go through then ?


Better nett run rate.


Must be one of the few times Irish people are actually praying for it to rain. :grin:

 *    Starts rain dance  *


Cricket. The heartbeat of our nation.


That was just amazing stuff! Who’dve thunk the nat cricket team would bring so much drama over so many years, and not even a pirate Morgan in sight. If we make it through its poetic justice for all the disadvantages we’ve had against us!


Very slow progress in batting v Afghanistan. Balbirnie should really give up his wicket by having a go - get Kevin O’Brien in. It will be a low scoring game, however. But if it rains at the D/L method is introduced, I think it will hand the initiative to Afghanistan.


it is a really low scoring game … at least from an Irish perspective. Will we even get near 200?


Most games have been low scoring affairs. If Kevin O’Brien lets loose foe the last few overs they should get to 200, possibly 215-220. 200 will be difficult to defend. 220 would put serious pressure on the Afgnans.

Another wicket down. :frowning:

NOOO… NOT OUT! No ball.

Followed by a wide!

So, they went from being 176/6 to 180/5!


Saw that! You’d have to hope at 180 with 24 balls left we might get near 220?


Need O’Brien on strike.
And then a four.

O’Brien should have gone in earlier, really.


BOLLOX. :frowning: Not what the doctor ordered.