Back up and running… Zimbabwe need 230 from 40 overs. I would have thought they would chase less in 40 overs. If the start slow in their chase they could end up regretting it if it rains again. They really need to get 20 overs in, however.


Zimbabwe struggling, nevermind the weather. If they lose and Ireland avoid defeat tomorrow, Ireland will qualify.


This is nearly better than our other national game … the oul rugby.


47 needed from 35 balls. Enough wickets in hand. They should win it from here.


Timely WICKET! Raza gone and he was looking dangerous.


It’s the hope that kills ya!!
Hopefully they can get another quick one now. Especially Williams.


Or keep Williams off strike.


So long as Zimbabwe need a few boundaries, you feel there is hope. Risky shots inevitably lead to wickets at some point.


Maybe keep Ervine off strike. :frowning:


UAE have no bowlers… in a low scoring game, that Mustafa guy has gone for over 7 per over. He’s almost handed it to them.


OR MAYBE NOT! On your way, Mr Williams!!!


They Mustafa better bowler than him …


Ha. Yeah they seem to be on there way now.


Might end up as a tie.


Another one gone!!
Run rate back up to nine per over… three tail-end wickets left.


Glad only following it in work and not watching it. Tense finish now.


If Muzarabani hits the winning runs it’ll be a Blessing …


19 off 2 overs required.


15 runs needed off the last over. UAE’s best bowler so far today to bowl that last over.


Hopefully keeps up his form now in this one.