When is the rain due? :frowning:


seriously a sport that stops when it rains, in ireland, it’s never going to work :expressionless:


It might be one case where “You’ll never beat the Irish!” could be true.


102 for 3 now. Game over, ball burst! No sign of rain on the radar either.


I think We had 5 continuous days of no rain the summer of 1982.


More like 5 continuous days of rain.


Not this week coming!


Hopefully, they can pick up one or two more wickets.


Jaysus lads - can ye not take at least another one or two? :roll_eyes:


Pakistan win by 5 wickets

Not a bad performance at all for our first ever Test match. Will learn a lot from it. Doubt well go as long as NZ did before we win our first test match.

I’d move Kev up the batting order


Very good showing for our first ever test. Great day out in Malahide too, Pakistan fans are great craic!


Was out there on Saturday afternoon and There was a good few families playing cricket on the back pitch and having picnics etc.

I’m going to try go to one of the 20/20 games


Thinking of doing the same myself, 27th and 29th June?


If the weather stays fair and any way warm, the T20 games should be brilliant.

Whoever conceived the idea of 20/20 cricket had great foresight.
It should be introduced to the 2020 Olympics.


Love this!!


Great keyboard!


Despite the cull, this survives… I guess you’re one of their favourites! :slight_smile:


Opening batsman.