Connacht Senior Football Championship 2017


Yeah I would very much say it is. I think COC is getting found out.


dont think ward has got as far as sarcasm in the dictionary


In fairness Cillian did get a few belts off the ball yesterday in front of me but it’s no different to any other player. I don’t condone diving but the lad is targeted no more than Diarmuid Connolly. On the one occasion they then step over the line they are caught.


He’s not afraid of a high tackle. Pretty sure every game I’ve seen him play in in the last few years, he has at least one closed fist “tackle” in and around the head/face


The problem is COC is never caught, it is caught on camera alright, but the refs don’t seem to see his goings on.


Neither are the sly digs on him off the ball…but two rights don’t make a wrong. Look he play on and sometimes over the edge. But every top team had them. Cillian has been sent off in the past though and picks up yellow’s.


most players and supporters i know dislike O’Connors incessant calling to refs for cards and a propensity to draw cards from players ala running deliberatley into Tom Flynn and collapsing. It was even more blatant than his james McCarthy cameo.

basically he’s a moany borderline cheat


After he kicked the equaliser in last years drawn final and Bastic collected the short kick out and clashed heads., COC was screaming at the ref to give a free in even though no foul was committed – i’v nightmares of the ref giving it


I don’t want to start a row here but something I noticed was did bastick pick the ball of the ground? From viewing replays of it it looked that way but i can’t be 100% sure.


Good man mayoman … :joy::joy::joy:

Same as King Peter …


i don’t think so but mother of god, if we had conceded a 20 yard free, it would have been the worst possible ending for Dublin and the best possible ending for COC and Mayo.


[quote=“mayoman, post:491, topic:2029, full:true”]
I don’t want to start a row here but something I noticed was did bastick pick the ball of the ground? From viewing replays of it it looked that way but i can’t be 100% sure.
[/quote]I was right above the incident and he got cleaned out of it by Regan as he went to pick it up as well.

There would have been war had the free been awarded and pointed.


didnt stop O’Connor screaming for the free as is his normal wont.

decent freetaker on the whole, important from play for mayo even if slow and not particularly skilful but still their go to man in absence of scoring forwards,

but one of the most dislikeable attitudes that plays the game imho


COC is just unlikeable as a character. Not many outside of Mayo would have time for him. Similarly with DC - not many outside Dublin would have time for him.
However, there is one huge difference between them. Diarmuid takes no crap and will take a man
( sometimes more ) on face to face, mano a mano. It gets him into trouble but not underhanded and sly. For want of a better word it’s ‘honest’. On the other hand COC is sneaky about it - sly digs, 3rd man in, diving, sneak attacks when there’s ‘jostling’, etc. That’s just thoroughly unlikeable stuff. I’m quite sure that DC garners far more respect than COC outside of their respective counties.
Watching the game I didn’t really care who’d win until COC did some of his usuals. Then it was ‘C’mon Galway’. There were a few Mayo folk around and when I started naming off reasons why I don’t like him, with many examples from games, not one of them could accept it. They thought I was being awful hard on him. :unamused: There’s none so blind as those who will not see.


I think that’s why a lot on here would put O’Connor and Lee Keegan in two very different baskets. Keegan may not always play to the rules but he doesn’t try to hide his involvement in incidents - that and the fact that he is a very good footballer too.


Watch COCs booking last Sunday … boot left in on guy on the ground. That’s his form. Will never square up to a man face to face. Always the sly dig, foot left in, etc …


I have tons of respect for Keegan and how he comports himsef on thea pitch. I might not like his duals with Dermo, but fair is fair, he is honest and upfront as to what he is about…and he takes his punishment like a man. When he got the black card in the final, there was no reaction…he just walked stoically off the pitch.If that was CO’C he’d still be whinging and moaning in the refs ears and hour later.

Mind you, with the obvious exception of that free from Cluxon and Kev Mc’s Goals of Wonder, Keegans black card was my favourite all time moment on the Hill The roar was something else. Everyone around me got a fierce fit of the giggles when it happened. Great way to relieve some seriously ferocious tension all the same.


Someone also posted the picture on here afterwards of where Keegan went out of his way to shake hands with DC after the final whistle. That takes some respect and humility and earns as much respect, if not more.


Diarmuid Connolly is very respected in Mayo…I have said it before here…a great footballer. Philly on the other hand…not a fan but would like him in my team if that’s a compliment.