Connacht Senior Football Championship 2017


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At least dc is honest about his misdemeanours no sly digs like sliveen features.


They got a kind route, 3 home games and a ref who bought Aido’s swan dive hook, line and sinker. Hard to see them getting a repeat of that kind of luck this year. Good luck to them making the quarters again without it.


This year Mayo would certainly have preferred the direct route - a handy win against Leitrim or Roscommon would have suited them fine going into August where they play their best ball and where their dreams start

As it turns out they will have to win some tough games before a possible showdown with Kerry in early august - it might work out for them but for me they haven’t progressed much, esoecially up front


Also, Rochford hasn’t won a provincial yet. It was one thing aiming for bigger fish under Horan when they won 4/5 provincials in a row, can’t quite write these losses off under a new manager.


#409 is right!! :joy:


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Mad what KH says about Dermo there - can’t compare incidents. And for COC to say that about Dermo after all he did today is hypocrisy


At the end of the clip you can see COC launch himself at the defender - and as was commented here earlier , the ref bought it .


Lets see if TSG bring it up and hammer him.


Presume we can write off Mayo now, and Kerry? Or are we all a bunch of hypocrites :joy:


Kerry are Kerry. There are no certainties in sport, but a Dublin V Kerry clash at the pointy end of this season is a distinct possibility.

Having watched Mayo for the last number of years, the thing that sticks out the most about their performances, is that you really never know what team is going to show up on any given day. Write them off at your peril - but it equally goes that the first decent team they play could destroy them.


Ah yeah look we didn’t deserve it based on today although we should have possibly stole a draw. Well done to Galway.

This team is probably past its peak which is sad from our point of view. Higgins sending off was huge and stupid from him.

Hard to know if we can bounce back this year, time will tell. I actually feel sick in the pit of my stomach thinking these boys won’t win an All Ireland and I know a few of the team personally and the sacrifice they put in.

Keep the Faith


Current management are fighting for their job in my opinion. They have shown little improvement than the previous two and are actually worse.

We all know Mayo are lacking scores from play by our forwards. We relie far too much on Cillian but the shining light of this team has been our excellent attackimg half back line who chip in with 2/3 scores a game.

Keegan looks lost at centre half in a restrained role and not starting boyler was madness.

Funny enough I can actually see the logic in starting Hennelly last year because delete him being a superb shot stopper, Clarke’s kick outs are very poor and resulted in three Galway points today.


Genuinely found myself routing for Galway today. Especially last few minutes. The way COC acts on the pitch just makes me support whoever they’re playing. Over the years I’ve despised opposition players, but had a grudging respect for them and would have loved them if they were our own (Galvin, Ricey, Geraghty), but not with COC. I’d be embarrassed by him if I was from Mayo.

I know Roscommon are poor but my god Galway are so shaky in defence and can play some stupid football, and could be there for the taking. Keeper is an accident waiting to happen and their full back line were cleaned out in the first half. They were supposedly playing a sweeper but he most certainly wasn’t doing his job.

One notable trend this weekend, and in the league, which really frustrates me is teams playing with a sweeper when playing with a wind. By playing a sweeper you are allowing the opposition to take short kickouts. Cork did it yesterday first half, as did Galway today. You need to press up on these kickouts and try put as much pressure as possible. Its so simple yet so many managers miss it.


Didn’t see TSG - were any ‘incidents’ discussed?


The red was correctly called (obviously). But O’Shea and Donegal’s Kevin Cassidy skirted around the Black card. They did not call out O’Connor on it but said it was harsh etc blah blah


I don’t mean to be the ‘poor us’ kind of bloke here - not least because a few of our own here get humpy about it … yeah Hiller - YOU being one … and it was most out of character for Keith Higgins, a player I like … but if that was one of our players - and let’s just say Philly … there would be the biggest shitstorm of all time. There genuinely would. That is not even in question. The media and pundits (many of whom have a vested interest - eg Spillane) are dictating the agenda here … despite was it Liam O’Neill saying they would not be dictated to by the likes of the Sunday Game …