Connacht Senior Football Championship 2017


That win will bring Galway on a tonne . They are getting there but not this year


Right, if anyone is looking for me, I’ll be off reading the Mayo GAA Blog.

Yer tea is in the fridge, wrapped in clingfilm.

Don’t be giving me any of that “ah not cold ham and potato salad [I]again[/I]” guff…


Possibility could meet Mayo in QF now. I wonder will Leroy go travelling since Dermo won’t be there? :joy:

Surely they should be using Andy Moran for last 20/25 minutes than taking him off with 10/15 minutes left.


Talk about falling over the line. Galway should have seen that out in much more comfort, although Mayo got a lot of help from the ref.

This Mayo team are past their peak, hard to see them winning an All-Ireland. They might be good enough to beat either of Dublin or Kerry on their day, but very hard to see them beating both.


Love it. Absolutely love it.


Galway weren’t much smarter. Can’t see them getting past 1/4 final unless they get a handy draw


The peoples champions beaten again what a shame :grin:


Some hit on the Junior Altar Boy by Comer. Mayo with a huge wind but no-one with the bottle or ability to shoot from 30 yards in the 2nd half whereas Galway did in 1st.


The A side of the qualifiers looks a hard road to hoe. If I read it right, there will be Mayo, as well as one of Donegal/Tyrone and Meath/Kildare.


Galway are a division 2 team beating a div 1 team . Good day out


Perfect end to the week after all the Dermo stuff , should put a few of them back in their box .


Commiserations Mayo Man - sending off cost ye the game. Most unlike Higgins but definite red. Butchered too many chances was biggest problem and just not enough forwards willing and able to kick points.


Is there system in place for 1/4 or is it open draw


Possibly and not a good situation for us coming out of Leinster and Mayo having a few hard games under their belt


I’d agree , that last Galway break - unforgivable if Mayo scored off that turnover. But I had a feeling Mayo would close it out with their experience - but not to be


Where are Mayo going to get hard games???


No, Mayo are on the A side of the qualifier draw. If they come through the qualifiers they will play either the Munster or Connacht champions in the quarters. Assuming we win Leinster we can’t meet Mayo until the final.


Smyths ! Some great games in there , for all ages and abilities


Interesting - those qualifier draws are a bit odd but glad mayo are on the opposite side - they could meet Kerry in 1/4 final if you’re right


Checked the master fixture list, they are definitely on the A side of the draw who play the Munster and Connacht champions in the quarters and semis.