Connacht Senior Football Championship 2017


Coc made a meal of that … though the Galway guy was stupid - his man had bent and picked the ball and if anything O’Connor could have cleaved him if let at it

Dessie Dolan not know we are U21 All Ireland champs??


Yeah and you know that he’ll get it in the neck from the loser. It will all be his fault that they lost.


COC doing his usual trick of running into the player and hitting the deck. Amazing that so called top officials continuously fall for it


And then going in with the boot on a guy on the ground. Let’s see that 5 times on TSG later.


Some man for jumping in afterwards as well .


It’ll be some craic when You Know Who comes on in the second half, to save the day for Mayo.


That will do aswell


He has form for this but doesn’t get highlighted like Connolly


Yeah it will be like ‘were where you when…’


And Paddy Power will have him as 3/1 to win Footballer of The Year before any of us have had our tea.


A manly man with his Barnet, beard and twitter precense deserves it.


Ah it’ll be the usual case , good effort by Galway & then bam , concede a goal or something . Aido will spur them onto victory .Hope im wrong though .


So do I!


How does he get away with it? He must have pee pee tapes on Marty, or maybe Ryle nugent


Again media foster the image of st. Cillian so officialdom believe it because the lad gets away with fucking murder.


Good man Whelo. Call CO’C out for being the schnakey fcuker that he is.


Vaughan claiming it was an elbow on O’Connor too.


Fair play to Whelo for calling out COC


Wait for the outrage about the Dublin media picking on poor little Cillian


Fair play the lads called it. Love to see his yellow card incident again too.

12 weeks for putting your hand on a linesman.

How long for kneeing a guy in the balls?