Connacht Senior Football Championship 2017


Gonna turn the sound down … Betty Boo and Dessie unbearable.

Kick outs very poor so far


Lovely point


RTÉ continually missing action as they’re too busy showing replays. The director should be fired. Shocking stuff.


I was just about post the same, too many replays :rage:


Mayo joe giving everything to Mayo. COC pushes Bradshaw who retaliates and only Bradshaw booked


"Here’s Cillian and…here’s a wide " :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Betty boo… lol at that


Cursing COC in front of my father in law and he can’t understand why I would slate a player of his standing. Because he is a CAUC Larry a pure CAUC. What’s a CAUC he says?


I prefer “rat faced little weasel” but each to his own.


Game on …


Right in front of the ref.


Infuriating, what’s worse is Mary bloody morrisey misses it as well.?


Bye bye Keef.

Rigth in front of the ref too.

Eegit !


I fancy mayo to lose this and somehow hand Kerry an easy path to the final ( i.e. Playing no one )


Saw that , he knows how to play him


Feel sorry for McQuillan. You can’t referee teams that don’t want to play football.


Sniper alert …


Cillian O’Connor ran into Flynn, exact same as James McCarthy in AI final last year


Black card for getting in saint o connors way


Jaysus , OConnor - some maggot