Congress this weekend


Agree; I’ve stopped going to Dublin matches before August in the championship , but really enjoyed the game in Ballybofey on Sunday, well the second half anyway. So I prefer to drive 3 hours than walk 15 minutes to see a competitive match.


and potentially some teams could meet 3 times with this system. Say Cork beat Kerry in Munster and Group Stage and then lose to them in final. What if a ulster team got to all ireland final including playing a preliminary round game unbeaten. That 8 games unbeaten. They could meeting a side with 3 defeats on their belt in final. Now that is flawed.


Completely. But it’s not about the system. It’s about the money.


Not being smart, but don`t understand that, did you mean that the GAA is the only non graded championship ? ( If so I would not agree, international soccer is not graded, seeded yes but graded, no) I agree surprises are far less likely in GAA than soccer, but really it is soccer that is the exception due to the nature of the game, there are very few major surprises in other team sports such as Rugger or basketball.


Hurling is GAA as well and it’s graded. Nicky Rackard, Christy Ring Cups etc


Option was talked about for football at the time and it was laughed out the door. Now look what we have…


True. Wicklow’s hurlers would run a mile from a place in the Liam McCarthy cup. Yet their footballers seem to be up for a series of thrashings?


That’s their own fault. They insist on being in the same championship as every other football team.


Pretty sure that was his point


Yes I’m agreeing with you. I’m in favour of a two tiered football championship, running at the same time, 16 teams in each and 4 up, 4 down to keep it honest.


Imagine that happened … and a few years down the line … we ended up … jaysus I can’t even say it.

[Dermot Connolly who signed for Longford Dynamos in the twilight of his career back-heeled a point to send us down … the older gents will get this scenario …:frowning: ]


Id agree meeting 3 times is probably excessive. Two seems reasonable. But the solution to getting rid of teams possible meeting 3 times is doing away with the provincials.


I’m guessing the Kentucky Fried Chicken League?


Denis Law ?


1974 Dumped by Tommy Docherty from Man Utd and joined Man City. Scored for City with a back heel a couple of minutes from the end to win v Utd in the last game of the season to relegate them. Didn’t celebrate the goal and walked straight off the pitch visably upset.


On mature recollection, I appear to have got that one wrong!


Indeed Snowcat … not even on the right continent!! :grinning:


For those too young to remember the Kentucky Fried Chicken League was once (in the 80s) the official name of the League of Ireland. KFC were one of soccer’s first sponsors.


Pat Grace …

I was stood in Dalymount in the late 70s - Bohs v Harps. Bohs got 4th goal and a seagull landed dead at my feet from the sky.

He was either

A - a Harps fan, or

B - shot down by Kentucky in Phibsboro SC :flushed:


We keep hearing that lads give up football & hurling because they’ve a pain in their hoop waiting for games. It would be a curious survey, to canvas club players up and down the country: Which is more appealing: to have a game every weekend (like other sports) or to have county players available.