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they made a mess of the two tier system before.

Where everyone started out in the a and only moved to a he b championship when knocked out. This made the b championship a losers competition with no tangible reward for winning it.

It needs to be that the winners of b get promoted to the a championship the following season = proper motivation for winning it = holds the interest.


Really don’t see what difference it would make, I would agree maybe, if there were 15 counties out there that would be competitive in an A champo, but the reality is that there are only about 5 or 6 and even that is stretching it . we already have the league where teams are separated due to level, so why do we need another one.
At least the way it is the weaker teams get a day in the Sun, I know they might get hammered, but I am sure Carlow and Wexford would love a crack at Dublin this Summer, in a two tier competition, more than likely they would never get the chance to play the Dubs as it is unlikely that Carlow anyway would ever get promoted


Looking at their performances todate I thought the Wicklow players were on strike already​:sob::sob::sob:


Apparently the Kilkenny footballers have withdrawn from the Championship in protest. Fair play to them.


Yes I should have added that maybe Four counties go up and down - that would make it more meaningful for all. I know it’s like a big summer version of the National League, but continuing with mismatches like Dublin v Longford or Kerry V Waterford etc is ridiculous. Something better change - as the Stranglers sang a long time ago!


Look at what has happened and look at who has said what. The delegates are totally out of sync with the players. The people in favour of this, from outside the establishment are thin on the ground. Look at Burns- a good boy who says the right things by the establishment as he agrees with them. He was put in as leader of the GAA’s own group, the Players’ Advisory Group in their initial failed attempt to undermine the GPA. He makes me want to puke, and that’s before he tries to speak Irish. The GAA is about to rip itself apart. I hope the Club Players’ Association recruits like hell and then calls a players’strike. Make it unworkable.

The ironic thing here is that the powers that be feared professionalism before the GPA came into existence. Now, it will be up to club players to save the GAA from a professionalism that we don’t want and cannot afford. Super eight my fucking hole.


The biggest problem for me is, is there a super 8 out there,? let’s say you take qualification restriction out of it and just decide to seed a top 8, there is still a big difference between the top 2 or 3 and 5 to 8 and at that time of the year there will still be hammerings dished out, There have always been hammerings and there always will be once the inter county system is based on counties, anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves…
Just off the top of my head, a top 8 would look something like this. Dublin, Mayo, Kerry, Tyrone, Monaghan, Donegal, Tipp, Cork, and Roscommon, being honest could have put a number of counties in the last 4, Galway, Cavan maybe, but either way IMO they are all a good bit behind the top 3


GPA have caved in already and will accept the Super 8 :pensive:


they didn’t do much to stop it by all accounts and seemed to be more bluster at the end


The likes of Monaghan Cork Donegal or Galway would fancy their chances of beating Dublin Kerry Mayo and Tyrone on their home pitch. Cork and Galway ought to be far better than they currently are. There is scope for competition for that second spot in one group as you would imagine two of Dublin, Kerry and Mayo in theory should be drawn together. In the event all 3 were in the same group the competition would be huge.

There are huge issues outside of this that have been ignored but this does have the capacity to reinvigorate the football championship and from that aspect alone it’s worth 3 years.

Huge games in Thurlas, the new Cork and hopefully Belfast stadiums are only good for the championship in my view and if it’s on the line crowds will come back. For balance, it can’t be ignored on other occasions the 2 top teams in a group will be far better than other two.

The product is selling itself short to a huge extent and and whilst I’d favour a more radical overhaul the idea that the league is becoming better than championship must be addressed.


wow. if that is true then is reflects very poorly on the organisation of the GPA, what exactly do they do with the money they get as a matter of interest?


Jarlath Burns has a hell of an agenda here.

  1. he volunteered to chair the anti GPA players consultation grouping in the early days whose aim was to crush GPA

  2. he wants the big medal on his lapel and will be running for president next time around

The GPA made a balls of it and Dermot early is picking up the pieces Dessie dropped on this one , but then 6 million of a sweetener wasnt given to enable controversy either


In an unrelated item, he has also appeared on the UK Apprentice.


It all about the money.


The Independant yesterday gave a mock up of how the championship will work out next year and it wasn’t far off my post regarding dates (although they did have the leinster and ulster prelim rounds last week of April!)

there is no guidance i can find on what happens if teams finish level on points in the super 8 - and it can happen that they can be the same if there is no scoring difference and they have drawn their match - so i guess it would be down to drawing lots.

I see that the long running argument of “more club activitity during the summer” has now morphed into “theres going to be loads more club activity in September!” which isnt an argument which stacks up for a few reasons like:

There was never anything stopping club championship activity to a final in September for almost 30 counties anyway.

If the All Ireland Club Final is in December you will have the exact same, if not a worse situation than you have now.

As for the lesser counties, well, the message appears to be “F@@k 'em”

Say you lose your prelin match end of April. With no replays you tog out for Qualifier round 1 start of May and you lose. Your championship summer is over before the leaves are out on all the trees. I’ve seen snow in the second week of May FFS but by then you could have a dozen counties out of the football championship full stop. Ok, most of them dont see July under the current set up yet they still have club finals in October, now they go out 6 weeks earlier and have their club finals four weeks earlier, big deal. Meanwhile the biggest counties get extra matches.

The other thing is when you look at that chart yesterday the amount of hurling is tiny, it sticks out as the poor relation and by christ it looks like getting poorer.

It’s gas, the one part of the football championship which didnt need fixing has been altered - the QF of the Hurling needs a super 8 and doesnt get one… madness.


Lads - when can I take my holidays?


If you’re a club player then anytime in the first eight months of the year.


Every cloud has a silver lining.


Woo hoo! Now can I start a crowd surf thing here to finance it? I’ll write a review (if) when I get back.


You’ve made the same argument for the last two years and it doesn’t stack up . It is only Championship not graded in the GAA

The premiership has only 20 teams . But on a given day Burnley can beat united or Chelsea . It’s mildly competitive to some point
On any given day a div 4 team wouldn’t beat Dublin if Dublin went on the smash with Gazza the night before
There is no transfer system , draft system or otherwise that will ever get a div 4 team to the point that it would get within double digits of Dublin in the championship

The super 8 is actually a step somewhat in the right direction where the best teams play each other.

I don’t want to waste money or time going to watch Dublin v Carlow, which is a forgone conclusion.

At a minimum the championship should be split in half with promotion and relegation and let teams compete for the right to be good enough to play Dublin , Kerry , Mayo and Tyrone etc