Congress this weekend




Ah was just looking for an explanation on two issues, (A) What happens in the case of a draw after extra time? On the club champo issue, I was referring to Dublin, it looks to me as if it the Dublin club Champo would be les crammed than it is at present, .


A team could lose three games in total and still win the All-Ireland, yes?




For comparison, a team could lose 5 or 6 champions league games and still win it. Is it considered disminished? Only by those who value true knockout that too has its flaws.

The best teams should reach the semi finals and those who previously advanced through fortunate draws should now be elimitated. If you get there you should have now proved your good enough. Some appear to view that as a major flaw, and although the new measures are by no means perfect I view this aspect as a major plus.


With due respect I could care less about the champions league.

I love the club championship. Call me a traditionalist but it’s a proper championship. It’s exciting. The 21s as well. Anything that allows you to win an All Ireland having lost three games simply doesn’t cut it in my view.


Traditionalist! :blush:


Some traditions are as common as snuff at a wake. I agree with Alan that it is more exciting when it is knockout … as long as you get a second chance.


I have no great issue with a team losing games and winning the All Ireland, the thing is set up so the best team will win overall. Knock out championship is too dependent on luck and circumstances.

The only issue I have with the new system is that it will (as Dermo above points out), involve games that have no meaning in the last round. This will be used as a stick to beat the whole thing with. At the least score difference should be used to separate teams and not head to head, it might keep it more open near the end. But it has a great potential to capture the public imagination.

The one issue from Congress that will come back to bite is letting Christy Ring winners into the championship. It actually means teams are better off in the Christy Ring rather then trying to make it through the preliminary rounds of Leinster. It won’t be a problem, until it’s a problem (like when they introduced relegation and Antrim were relegated and they realised they couldn’t be because they had guarantee of being in Leinster).


Your right that is almost certain to happen but on accasion you will also have everything to play for in the last game too and if these games were played simultaneously it would create huge tension.

You may also get teams already qualified and the scenario where another team is hoping for a result and the already qualified team rests players. But teams ultimately will have to take responsibility for the games they lose.


Second chance is ok. Third and fourth not so much.


We do second chance far better than the Brits … Lisbon/Nice v Brexit! :wink:


In fairness why do we have 32 teams in the one competition . That’s the real problem


Well indeed. At least half of them ought to be playing for a chance to compete in the top tier the following year, therefore giving them something realistic to play for.


Personally I prefer a second/third chance. I don’t think it’s exciting to see Dublin u21s knocked out in their first game by conceding a fluky late goal knowing they’ve trained upwards of 35 times and their season is over after one match. Well it’s tense at the time but the bad outweighs the good.

Much prefer a more drawn out competition where teams can evolve a bit before a short sharp knockout stage at the end. Only the GAA is dysfunctional enough to have the league section of th competition half way through the competition.


Wouldn’t agree there, one of the flaws of the champions league IMO is that the league part of it is too predictable, it would be better if it was a knock out at first and then have the round robin when all the top teams are left, rather than making the likes of real madrid play some unknown team from eastern Europe twice, knowing that Madrid are going to win the group anyway.( Sorry Alan for bringing uo the champions league again :laughing:)


To make something unpredictable you basically have to introduce an element of chance. That is unfair on the good teams. Why train so hard if you could lose it all because of one fluky moment. The best teams should win, and the teams not as good should try to improve.

That is the great thing about the league, every team has realistic ambitions. Dublin hurlers won’t win the AI, but I would be delighted if they can stay in 1A, so that is my version of the AI for them. Every county has its own targets. Dublin winning a football AI, is about the same level of achievement as Louth being promoted from Division 3, and that is about right population wise. Both counties should be afforded the same respect for their achievement (from within their own counties), and that is where i think GAA people fall down, having some crazy aspirations.


In that case a replay will be required. That was always the case when extra time finished level. Not sure that the super 8 will give more time for club championship. Because the All Ireland’s are being played in August the provincial championships will have to start earlier (early May) thereby eliminating the gap between the end of the National Leagues and what was the end of May / early June championship start which allowed for 2 rounds of each senior club championship. The "benefits " gained by the early All Ireland finals will be lost by the early May start. Because of provincial club championships in November/ December clubs will be confined to playing in September and October. As a dual county it will be neigh on impossible to finish on time as Dublin needs 11 separate dates to complete our two championships in order to allow players to play both codes. (5 rounds football and 6 in hurling).


I assume that is the way it will be, but the GAA seem to have this idea that if you play extra time there will be no need for a replay, of course it reduces the possibility but to start saying you are doing away with replays is stupid, even now they don’t seem to allow for replays in certain games and take for granted that extra time will solve the problem.
As regards the club champo, well the final stages are played of in a very tight space at moment, Too tight IMO, but but given that that is the way it is, I reckon the previous rounds that are played off in May, could easily be played in the first 3 weeks of September.


It’s difficult to take some of the opposition to the changes seriously. Jonny Magee says he would support a strike if the Wicklow players wanted one. The problem being that Wicklow’s season is usually over after two championship games yet the top teams are now more or less guaranteed games until August. What exactly do they want - to be hammered five or six times instead of twice during June and July? The weaker counties turned their noses up at the Tommy Murphy Cup and most have stated that they don’t want a new secondary competition. I believe the only solution is two 16 team competitions - one for the All Ireland and the other for some new Tommy Murphy cup. Both start and end together from May to August.