Congress this weekend


It simply creates a bigger divide between club and county and between big county and small county. And it’ll increase attendances at a time when they are dropping. It’s unfair on just about every level.

And messes up the ratio of hurling to football even more.


It all about money. Dublin will have to play 2 extra games. That alone will bring in more revenue. Again this format is unbalanced. Kerry need to play 7 matches to win Sam. Dublin have play 8 and if a Ulster team drawn in preliminary round have 9 games to win All Ireland. Team coming through backdoor could have 11 games to win All Ireland. Certainly wont have time play club football.


Say if used this year quarter finalists. if we were drawn against Clare and Tipp they would be hammered out the gate and bring little support too


I don’t see why football competitions should be be prevented from improving as a result of hurling having a relatively small competitive base.


Even with a small small competitive base the hurling structure hardly makes the most of what it’s got


Agreed it doesn’t but even if in the most productive of structures if a disparity exists so be it in my view.


The motion for u17 players to play adult football. didn’t pass. GAA basically inviting young players to take up other sports. Player burnout for ordinary club players in a myth.


I’m an ordinary club player and when I was 17 I was playing on 2 schools teams, 2 minor teams, a development squad and towards the end of the year 2 under u21 teams, player burnout at that age absolutely not a myth


Very unfair on Duffy. It was Central Council that came up with the motion. Duffy as an employee of Central Council had an input but that doesn’t mean he is/was in favour of the motion. He was just doing the job he gets paid to do.


I’m open to correction but was he not part of the recent roadshow to ensure county boards were on-board?
If this was the case, I’d find it hard to believe that he was doing so against his own beliefs on the matter


Pragmatic approach, right there. I haven’t got comfortable with the idea of where this is heading but it’s probably about right, I’ll give you that.

And with the cash that’s likely to roll in from this, can anyone see GAA HQ / Head Honchos being interested in it being discontinued after 3 years?


I didn’t say that he wasn’t. What I said is that he is a iPad employee of Central Council without a vote on any committee. If he is sent on a roadshow he has two options; either go and represent his masters or resign. By going he is not stating that he is in favour of the motion , he is just doing his job and earning a crust.


iPad should read as paid


:joy::joy::joy::joy: jaysus you can’t beat predictive text sometimes!


Perhaps @Boarddelegate1 is indeed Duffy :relieved:


So flog the clubs that produce the players by taking them off them?

This is where we are at now?


You’re giving club players a life Al. Regular games , a social life and the chance to plan holidays and family life
The horse has bolted .


I’m no happier than you are at where this is heading.

Can’t help but feel that if Congress had tried to get this to fly in 12 months time, the CPA would’ve had more time to snowball, get itself on its feet & have a proper barrier up to stop it from flying. Put another way, the CPA has been founded a year too late.

Someone tweeted yesterday that Twitter reaction from players in Kerry, Tyrone (bar Joe McMahon), Mayo & Dublin had been extremely muted. It’s not an exact science but, on that basis, you can see the split in thinking. Or else they’ve been ordered to keep the head down & say nothing.


Podge Collins had a right go on twitter. So did Austin Gleason. Veiled threat from Dermot Earley too - “we will take the opinion of our members as to the next step forward”.

Not often I’m on the side of the GPA!


Had a good read of this thread, and I am surprised at those who say this isn’t about money - Of course it is.

What I am more surprised at is that nobody has mentioned the three letter elephant in the room here - Sky.

Is it simply a coincidence that just after the “experimental” Sky deal was extended that this happens? I’m sure that sky, who have a 30 Year track record in getting the sports they cover changed to suit their agenda - were frankly fed up with the amount of provincial blow outs they were getting. Now we have a “super 8” (a phrase similar to the cricket World Cup which was changed to allow Sky have more matches for their money) in which undoubtedly sky will be getting a split of the live coverage of these quarter finals.

I heard a lad from Armagh on Sunday sport today saying that they’re looking forward to having one of these super 8 matches so we can see how several counties were bought off. We also had ray silk talking about “getting the dubs out of croke park” which again reveals the money agenda- he us in clones against Donegal and mc hale against Mayo and cork against Kerry. Yes, very neutral. Since there are no grounds in Leinster capable of a q-f outside of Croker, we can certainly see get an idea of where these “neutral” games will be.

The notion that this super 8, and indeed the ending of replays is to benefit the clubs is rubbish.

The purpose of getting rid of replays is to get room for the super 8.

I posted last year that many counties whose inter county trips had ended in July were still having their club finals in October. Every excuse under the sun is used - if it is not the senior county team still in competition, it’s the under 21’s, or a football team may have a player in the inter county hurling team, or holidays, or whatever. The reality is that as counties knew they must have clubs done and dusted by end of October they aim for that date irrespective of how the inter county scene is going.

I can certainly see that this will result n intercounty players opting out all the way till they are knocked out- for the likes of ourselves who will be aiming for this loony period of playing 3 games, a semi final, and a final in a window of just a month and a half on top of a truncated provincial timetable, there will be zero chance of them being going back to the clubs and since they can’t, there will still be no club activity in the summer.

I also posted before that when you look at how the all Ireland is structured, the gaps exist simply because of television and the need to have so many live matches each Sunday. TV has called the shots for decades and now they will call the shots even more. The pro of the gaa was on the radio today and hinted that the super 8 is just the start - I don’t doubt that he means that the GAA will try and bring in the 4 groups of 8 eventually, followed by super 8, then semi and finals. That’ll bring in loadsamoney…