Congress this weekend


Too democratic?


Jeeze that’s all very well if you’re from Meath or Monaghan or somewhere but it fecks up us Dubs holiday plans …


Money… it’s all about money for them…


dont agree - if it was all about money, they wouldnt get rid of replays?

They’re trying to fix a dysfunctional competition.


It was odds on it was going to be passed. There is a huge chasm in the GAA between club and intercounty and between what the ordinary member wants and what those at the top think she wants.


I’m discustard at that …

Seriously this only benefits those counties with depth in their panels and resources to deal with injuries, conditioning and backroom support . Can see the IC players trying it, not liking it and making their opinion known .


The structures at the moment are awful. The league is now a better competition than up to the quarters of the championship as at least its competitive. I’ve no huge issues with the super 8, more meaningful games are required and it may work well, but the elephant in the room is doing something to tie in the league and championship and create another tier.


Totally Agree - hoping this is the first step in the right direction. The glaring issue is that this does nothing for weaker counties but then they made it clear they don’t want a lower tier and if you include them in the solution with the top teams it just means more dull hammerings like you get in the provinces.


So we’re looking at…

  • Provincial finals in June.

  • AI Hurling Semi’s in July.

  • Both Football semi’s most likely into the August bank hollier weekend.


Holidays in July so!


That’s the best we can say. It’s most certainly not even the first cousin of a proper fix. Still sense it’s what you get when certain parties rail-road a proposal through without taking in the bigger picture.


Heading toward semi professionalism

Can’t stop the train . Instead of the CPA wasting oxygen trying to enforce change they can’t
They should focus on decoupling the club model from the county model . And giving club players the freedom to play whenever they like and not be waiting for the county scene


More big success for Dublin as Horan powers to landslide presidential victory

Breheny quick off the mark


You don’t even need to go that far, look at the rugby, international players play a lot with their clubs and a big enough schedule of international matches. If players were only on two/three teams max, it is workable to give each team a schedule of games.


Trouble a brewing


RIP Club football


They are professional players and 90 percent are paid employees by their club . County footballers have no contractual arrangements with their club.
It’s not a question of how many teams they play for this point. You can’t continue to marry club and county structures at adult level


This guarantees a rake more games. Giving up the odd replay makes little or no difference.

An absolutely shocking decision. On so many levels.


It’s absolutely shameful.

Instead of forcing county managers to live by the rule book they’ve given up.

Appalling leadership. Duffy should resign. He’s a businessman now and nothing more.


I genuinely don’t think this is about money - they think they’re improving a stale product.

They’re right about it being stale but this is not the answer.

if you are adding more games to the championship, why not merge the bloody thing with the league - or get rid of the O’Byrne cup or do something to free up time. It’s really quite easy to chop some of the deadwood out of the calendar and allow time for a much better club and county season.