Congress this weekend



just to bump the super eights for next year.

AFAIK the provinvincal set up is mirrored to the semi finals (as it has been since the QF’s came in)

So If I am right, since next years semi’s are supposed to be Leinster-v-Connaught and Ulster-v-Munster doesnt this mean that we cant be in the same group as the Connaught Champions?

Also that the Ulster Champions and Munster Champions cant be in the same group.

I guess the other four teams are the last four standing at the end of the backdoor same as now - and the last two from “A” go to one group and last two from “B” to the other.

What that means is that we will be facing (probably) Kerry as we faced Ulster opposition in the QF this year? That would mean Probably Mayo and Tyrone in the other group.

I would imagine that the aim of the team will be to win all their matches and I would also bet the GAA will fix the dublin Kerry game first to prevent arseboxing. Top teams in each avoid each other in the semi finals, you could well end up with the exact same semis as this year…


Arseboxing :joy:

Great phrase :+1:


sadly invented by Voldemort although it once made a fetching Res Dubs Tee Shirt.


Good phrase alright.

Bit like the thread title ’ Congress this weekend’ , reminds me of Spike Milligans line in Puckoon about the sign ’ Members Only…