Colleges Hurling 2018/19


They have to be decent I think. All 3 years represented (u18, u19 and u20) made it to the All Ireland series as minors with the lads who would be u19 now (so U17 two years ago) unlucky not to have won the AI.


Going by some of the lads who made senior debuts ( ,diarmuid o floinn,lee gannon, luke walsh and davy keogh)
They should be strong,add in Currie and youve got a very talented team.


That match report never made it into the heddld?


Was on thursdays herald. Darragh purcell one of dublins u17s from this year scored 1-3(i think) for col eoin. Seems to have serious potential too. Has another year at u17. I didnt realise he was at col eoin aswell. Theyre building nicely out there they must have 6 county minors along with a number of good club players.


Didn’t realize he was with them either, a serious talent, has been flagged on here for awhile. Very skillful corner forward. Glad to hear he is in form as it sounds as if Sean is going to get a lot of attention this year after his exploits last years


Think it was padraig Purcell who got the scores. Was on minor footballers a few years ago


A few years ago? Can’t be too many years surely?


2017 under 17 afaik



What club? Any relation to the other Purcell?


A right it was…there was 2 of them in the full forwardline obviously a decent line so because i saw darragh at u17 and he looked good.


Older brother, both with Crokes. Another few from Crokes minor championship winning team this year with Colaiste Eoin as well.


Going to DCU for Dublin north v Dublin under 20s on Wednesday night , early days be interesting to see how 20s line out


What time Damo?


Meeting 6.15 so I’d say most likely a throw in for 19.00




Many Dubs to watch out for in the Fitzgibbon teams this year?


Well from Mattie Kenny’s panel there is 24 in total involved with fitz, I’m sure there’s more throughout different colleges aswell.


Jesus wept, 24! … assume mostly extended panel so good for their development.


DCU have Crummey,McGibb,Burke,Whitely,O Donnell,Mcbride i think


Jaysus, not a bad side so!