Colleges Hurling 2018/19


That is a drawback of combined teams, did win Leinster last year so it can work. Eoin could meet/train every day if they want to, but they have beaten Kilkenny cbs already, so seems like they have a good bunch of lads.


I was talking to someone that was at this yesterday, and a few times he said ‘the standard was very good’. It made me think though, is it only Dubs who go to games and continuously judge the standard? Why don’t people go to the game and just enjoy it for what it is as they would a football match? For some reason, I’m not really sure why, I find it vaguely annoying now when people keep commenting on the ‘standard’. One of the reasons probably is that, in this instance, it was the reigning Leinster champions and Colaiste Eoin - what were they expecting?


I suppose its usually what people say at the end of every underage game, commenting about the standard being good can only be a good thing and I suppose you could say people who go to these types of games no their fair share about hurling, would that be fair to say?
Didnt sound like the most gripping of spectacles either so I suppose its only natural that a good standard of hurling will be picked up on


I think that’s natural enough reaction when you’re a county who has really worked on our underage development and are hoping that it will push on to adult level, you’re constantly hoping the standard of player available is going to improve the standard of club’s in dublin and from there the county panel to hopefully drive on to compete with top counties at senior.


But they don’t say it about football to the same extent, the assumption is that in Dublin the standard will be good. But I am probably being overly judgemental on it - years of standing beside guys at county games who assured me when a country team did something good that ‘that’s the difference’ has left its scars :grinning:.


I’ve really enjoyed @Damothedub and @Horse 's input here. Very knowledgeable and informative. :+1:


Well nearly every time I see a Div 1 minor football match I am still taken aback at the height of the standard. It is not just hurling where the standards have risen since I played underage.

But you go the matches to enjoy them or see a particular player you have heard about. You are not going there to judge the standard.

However I can watch an adult Div 6 or 7 football or hurling match where there is lots of honest effort and also lots of mistakes and also really enjoy it.


Regarding the standard pitch wasn’t too bad , very dull day asked my fella and he felt lights should have been on for last 15 mins , all in all considering time of year decent game no classic, was expecting it to be closer and should they meet again I think it would be


Any idea on when the next set of games are scheduled for and where ?


Games will go to Saturday’s from here on in due to mocks, North have a challenge match against under 20 next week , Saturday 26th North will play most likely Peters of Wexford in quarters , semi final dates not confirmed just yet


@Damothedub So are Dub North still in it? They didn’t go out due to Col Eoin beating them.


This is the format @LiamMac


Antrim Schools Dublin North Dublin South
Offaly Schools Wexford Schools
(1) Antrim Schools v Wexford Schools 17.11.18 Dublin Venue
(2) Offaly Schools v Dublin South 24.11.18 Offaly Venue
(3) Dublin North v Winner (1) 24.11.18 Dublin Venue
(4) Winner (2) v Winner (3) 01.12.18 T.B.C.

Rd. 1 - 12.12.18 (Wed.)
• Open draw (7 Schools plus Group Team Winner).
• Four games. Neutral Venues. Draw to take place as part of our Championship Launch.
Rd. 2 - 09.01.19 (Wed.)
• Open draw – 4 Winners of Rd. 1 play each other (2 games - winners of these games advance to S/Final
and losers advance to Q/Final)
• Open draw - 4 Losers of Rd. 1 play each other (2 games - winners of these games advance to Q/Finals
and losers are eliminated)
QUARTER-FINALS - 30.01.19 (Wed.)
Seeding applies. If avoidable, teams cannot meet again.
SEMI-FINALS - 09.02.19 (Sat.)
Seeding applies. If avoidable, teams cannot meet again.
FINAL - 23.02.19 (Sat.)
N.B. – Re All Ireland Series (Croke Cup)
If a Group Team qualifies for the Provincial Final their opponents will play in the All Ireland Semi-Final and
the defeated Semi Finalists will play-off for the All Ireland Quarter Final place.
(a) Munster Winner v Leinster Runner-Up
(b) Connacht Runner-up v Munster Runner-Up
© Connacht Winner v Winners (a)
(d) Leinster Winner v Winners (b)
ALL-IRELAND FINAL (Croke Cup) - 30.03.19 (Sat.)
(e) Winners © v Winners (d)


As above No Dublin North still in it , however to be successful they are most likely going to have to beat St. Peter’s of Wexford , Kieran’s of Kilkenny and possibly Coláiste Eoin talk about doing it the hard way
Coláiste Eoin around are straight through to semi final as are St Kieran’s


That’s some route to the final! :tired_face:


Cheers, you get to know the coaches over the years and their friendly and will have the yap and so forth


Believe North had few players missing yesterday through injuries and suspensions.


Hopefully they can regroup and progress.


How they respond to the defeat will tell us a lot about the players characters, coaches challenged them at half time and anyone at the game would agree they responsed , if their not good enough so be it but go down fighting is the challenge


Challenge matches for North next week two separate squads will play , one weds night v Dublin under 20 another on Saturday v current under 17 , traditionally lads will line out for colleges if they are a member of both panels like Luke swan for instance


How are Dublin u20s shaping up for this year?