Colleges Hurling 2018/19



Be very interested to see full Eoin lineup and clubs, some result for them


Wouldn’t be at all sure Dublin North would be at full strength. Don’t think we had anyone playing and we’d certaibly have some who should be there. SInce the change in the county’s minor age I don’t think it’s as easy get everyone out as it was in the past.


curious, would have thought the change at minor would make it easier to get lads out for this?


Great win for col eoin. Seeing a dub school compete in Leinster A is a testament to the improvement in underage hurling. Hopefully they 'll reach Leinster final at least.


Better team won , Dublin north never turned up in the first half and stood off their man , never looked like scoring a goal all game , excellent second half Dublin bringing it back to three points and conceding a sucker goal from a rebound off the post , the second half would worry you if your CE , having been around this panel for last four years I’m not aware of anyone not turning out that is that much better than what’s in the squad , finally the tactic of lumping the ball to Swan who was often double marked is not working ,biggest gripe of the day is the sight of lads batting ball down or trying to catch on the hurl when relatively easy catch is on


I hope this years minor management are taking note, Swan is a good player but he is well known at this stage and it getting a lot of attention, need a plan B if opposition double up on him.


Swan is well documented alright so an alternative plan would do no harm as youve said @Tayto
Seen him play u16 championship against Lucan at centre forward for a couple of minutes
Could it work for Dublin?


I’m slightly confused by the reference to you being around the panel for four years. There’s no Colleges U16 panel for example. So I’m not sure what panel you are referring to. Is the Colleges panel still linked to the county minor team? Colleges senior hurling is an U/18 and a half competition. If North were playing mainly county minors then it’s no wonder things didn’t go their way.

If they are actually using players up to U/18 and a half then we would certainly have a half dozen that should be on the panel. We left the senior competition behind us this year, losing to Benildus in the semis having beat them by 12 in the league. We’d have a number from Vins minors who reached the semis of the county championship this year and gave Boden a hell of a game in the semi. Could not see how we would not have any players worthy of selection.

I suspect it may well be that lads may have turned down the chance as they’re too old for minor now and there’s no real purpose to the squad. If it was a case of players simply not being picked then I’d have to question the selectors.


Dublin north is made up of the same coaches for the last three years Paul Mike Ger and Gar with on occasion Martin Rabbite , south had same coach Fintan Clandillon two years running , FC was Dublin Minor coach , current coach for north is currrent under 20 coach ,practically every player for Dublin North that played today has been on 16 , 17 minor sides , at a meeting before January it was explicitly spelt out from both North and South coaches who spoke in PP that colleges was seen as part of development to under 20 fitzgibbon cup and hopefully senior squad , the approach won Dublin north last year a Leinster title , this year there’s been a big influx from Mattie Kenny lads who have excelled at colleges , so if lads turn down that opportunity not sure what you can say , as for being around squad for years my fella has been picked and played last three years senior prior to that there was a junior colleges competition, ive seen Sean Currie lee Gannon davie keogh Luke Walsh amongst others play Colleges


With due respect there has been no combined colleges team in the U16 Leinster A competition for at least a decade. We entered a team for a couple of years but it was found to be too much along with clubs and schools competitions being played at the same time in September and October.

With regard to the rest my point is simply that Dublin North clearly didn’t have their best possible team out today. Whether that’s because some of our lads weren’t picked or chose not to play, and I suspect it was the latter, is not really relevant. It just is what it is.


Well said @Damothedub agree with all you have said above. This management team won a Leinster colleges team beating a St Kierans team who went on to win the All Ireland so they are top class and have left no stone unturned in getting players involved or preparing this team.

On the game itself it was great to watch 2 Dublin teams competing at that level and let’s celebrate the fact that Dublin schools are playing and competing at this level.

Col Eoin are a serious team with so many talented players and will be a test for any team going forward and let’s not forget they have beaten Kilkenny CBS already in this campaign

Dublin North were without 2 of last year’s minor team in Eoin Carney and Dara Power both top players so they will be stronger the next day.


I was at the game as a father and supporter not a selector


You are wrong here and really know very little in relation to the team or its selection,

Ard Scoil get to a semi final in senior colleges and lose (in a competition that doesn’t include Col Eoin) so this justifies them having players (your view) on this team? St Aidans got to the final of the same senior competition and they have no player on the panel at all!!!

Also Ard Scoil had 2 players on the panel, the sub keeper and a player who came on and played well!!


Fine.I would have thought we should have had more. But there you go. We’re all entitled to our opinion.

Seems remarkable that Aidans would have no one at all. Again was that management’s choice or the players?

It just seems to me that if the whole of the Northside gets beaten by a single school from Dublin then maybe there are a few questions that could be asked. And that includes if players were asked and turned down the chance. Which was my initial question.


Murphy the sub from Vincent’s did very well when he came on


Your not wrong in asking the question, the issue is if you have given the answer as well ? If you are aware of fellas opting out then fair enough as I haven’t heard a sniff of that , equally you need to recognize that it worked last year when the same management team produced the first winners of the competition since the north south side split , something else to bear in mind as ages move on so can the balance of power , it’s been known for the last 5-6 years lads born in 2000 had a bit more quality than those born in 1999 , see the minor squad from 2016 and you will know where I’m coming from , last years Colleges crop move on bar a few and suddenly colaiste Eoin are king pins , that said don’t discount the North just yet they showed enough in the second half to indicate there’s a bit of bite in them yet


So I presume Dublin north is a combined schools team.? So are they not a a disadvantage as not regularly playing together.? Would have to be a huge disadvantage?


Not really as they are used to playing at development squads for years , that said your meeting up once a week perhaps a school has an advantage from team bonding side of things


Yeah M Sweeney from St Vincents was excellent when he came in