Colleges Hurling 2018/19


Brilliant to see Colaiste Eoin as a stand alone school beating a Kilkenny school in a senior colleges match. Great to have at least 1 individual school which is now seen as a proper hurling secondary school. With underage hurling on the Northside quite strong now I wonder will we see the likes of And Scoil Ris give Leinster A a go at some stage in the future? First win against a Kilkenny college by a Dublin school since the 1940’s is it? A few colleges won Leinster A back then including o Connell schools, Blackrock college, Colaiste Caoimhin and St Josephs with Heffo the legend playing.


Colaiste Eoin are sitting in the middle of the big under age hurling area in Dublin right now. Plus as a Gaelscoil they pull from outside their catchment. They do great work but they would have an advantage over the likes of Ardscoil. We are never going to be able for A. The talent just isn’t there. We beat Eoin in the 16 final this year but lost the Leinster B. We won Dublin 14 A and Leinster B last year but there’s a huge gap between B and A. And as good as Eoin can be in a given year it’s not consistent. Would love to see it but it’s just not going to happen.


True about them being a gaelscoil having an advantage. The thing with them is though you have guys who are mad into gaa who seem to be willing to travel big distances to go to school there because the gaa is so strong at the moment when there are other gaelscoils way nearer. Good to here ardscoil are going well…im just wondering will we see a similar pattern arising on the northside where youve kids going too an ard scoil ris because gaa is strong there despite there being closer options? Another big difference now compared to 10 years ago is the big improvement in underage hurling here and the weakening(although they are still very strong) of the traditional colleges because of the lack of borders. Hopefully we can bridge the gap further despite the challenges…its very important we do it at secondary level.


Yes knockout


Don’t think it’s knockout. Winner goes into semi-final, loser goes into quarter-final. Reading this from the provincial competitions booklet on Ie


Short answer is no. Schools are too closely grouped on the Northside and choice means invariably different kids will go to different schools, diluting the talent pool. A pity but that’s the way of it.


Definitely being a gaelscoil and being in that catchment area helps Col Eoin. They seem to have a great love for GAA out there. You always see lads with Hurls when driving past the school. Should be a good game with North who must have a lot more of a pick. Then again Col Eoin is a school which could count for something.
Would be nice to see both teams reach a final.


That’s why Kieran’s are so strong as well.


You could be right just remember around this time last year we had reached knock out stage


I presume Col Eoin will be strong in both football and hurling? Could work against them going up against kilkenny schools.


True enough a lot of pretty good gaa schools within a relatively small area.


It would if they turned up to play a football match when it was supposed to be hurling


Good point :wink: not many schools competing at business end in both hurling and football. V difficult to manage I’d imagine when you have the likes of kierans focusing completely on one


A lot of lads who will make up minor(17) will be in action with a couple of lads likely to make under 20s in 2020 all in all decent standard , throw in not yet announced


Half two Parnell Park Dublin north v colaiste Eoin ,


Hows that going?


Sorry half two Wednesday in Parnell Park , Will post updates

Colaiste Eoin have some seriously talented lads going by that list and they had a serious group last year as well so good signs for Dublin hurling


Some serious talent on Dublin north six players from last years winning Leinster Colleges team , Andy Dunphy Connor Scully Liam Dunne lads to watch for


Strong sounding teams alright.