Colleges Hurling 2018/19


Horrible horrible way to lose , take my hat off to them boys class act this year


Fair play to Eoin for getting this far,for a stand alone school that are handy at the football too is some achievement,the narrow margins show they weren’t too far away which is not a bad thing,hopefully they and other Dublin schools will push on

Fair plays to players and managers,huge amount of work put in obviously


Sounds like they were there or thereabouts which is good going considering.


Dublin North were decent this year, and were reigning Leinster champs. Colleges hurling probably never as strong in Dublin as now.

It’s a bit of a pity u21 is going to u20 this year though as our corresponding minor team (three years ago) was one of our best ever. But with this amount of good college players both minor and u20 have to be good.


Yes future looks bright. Four I think of this years minors on the team - Murphy, O’Cathasaigh, O’Toole and Malone - 5 including Dara Purcell - and add that to the Dublin North lads and there is some good experience of big games in this group.


Very positive couple of years at that grade. Hopefully Liam’s lads will go well also.


Credit to the lads.

Doesnt matter if our schools or clubs are northside southside city centre or north county its just great to see DUBLIN teams doing well


Kieran’s won again. Zzzzz.

How are your lads getting on @LiamMac


Lost in Semis to Good Council from Wexford by a Point. Game played in neutral venue (their school pitch) with Neutral Ref (their Ref). We led for entire game, point up into injury time, they got a point to level it, that both neutral umpires gave wide, but Ref gave it. We pucked the ball out, he gave a free in, although we actually won the puck out, they scored he blew up…


Do you think the ref might not of been neutral


Small possibility. We’d have played them anywhere, but, when you get told Semis are neutral venue :thinking::thinking:


And who is responsible for that Liam?


Leinster Board arrange fixtures.


Write a strongly worded letter to the Chair? That’s not good enough.

We took part in the cross county Leagues a while back and were really messed about too - left a bit of a taste I have to say.

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