Colleges Hurling 2018/19


Yeah most definitely rugby, Hurling is known as a dangerous sport but not half the number of serious head, neck and back injuries that rugby has. Reading about collisions leading concussions, to head injury assessments and the link to CTE is not what any parent wants. Also culturally GAA is becoming known in some of these south side schools as equally promoting academic achievement as sporting. Elite rugby players going to Leinster rugby academies whereas elite GAA players going to 3rd level colleges. Schools like Colaiste Eoin outstripping some of the fee paying private schools in terms of academic results.


Crokes posted the colaiste eoin panel and their clubs onto their facebook page earlier if anyone is interested.i cant copy and paste it but the link is below.Also its as Gaeilge…Mostly Crokes,Johns,Olafs and Cuala lads with Vincents, faughs,fingallians(fine ghallain?)and bray emmetts with one player each


Whoever put that up has fantastic Irish.


Heading down to this Sunday. Hopefully a good support from Dublin will go. Will need all support they can get!


They may be southsiders they may even be a bit posh , but they are OUR southsiders our posh lads , come on Colaiste Eoin do it for the parish


Best of luck to Eoin today





Craobh Iom√°na√≠ochta Laighean. 24/2/2019 42√ļ N√≥im√©ad Col√°iste Eoin: 2-07 Naomh Chiar√°in: 1-09


Game is on live on top oil’s Facebook page seemingly. Not working for me though



Getting away from Eoin now



Hard luck to Col Eoin. Kierans able to get scores easier big difference. Still great achievement for a dub school plus still into quarter final.


56th title for Kierans. Unreal


Yea barely a ripple of applause/celebration when they won. V small crowd given the weekend that was in it. Kierans seemed to have a massive panel operating like a county team where as col eoin were bringing lads off and on again. Told in last 15 as kierans outscored them 8 - 0. On a sidenote the scoreboard wasn’t working and the announcer proceeded to shout in wrong score in 2nd half. Ridiculous stuff.


Hard luck to the lads, hopefully a good learning curve that they’ll bring with them to club and county


Split Kierans in two.

Hard luck to Colaiste Eoin. They’re doing a fantastic job of promoting hurling in Dublin.


Unless burnout is a problem it’s great to see Dublin lads playing school hurling ,we know they play 3rd level but playing it in secondary school can only be a good thing for the future