Colleges Hurling 2018/19


Are Eoin stand alone at that grade?




We’ll get them in Champo. Two very evenly matched teams and we won’t fear them next day .Don’t like saying it but Ref robbed us.


So say it twice then to get it off your chest!!!


I hear you. KK ref for the South game too. Gave CBS everything. Lucky it wasn’t a close game.
Peter’s next for yourselves?


off and take your beating, Dublin fans always blaming the reff, learn how to win…


Hardly fair to have a Kilkenny ref with a Kilkenny school playing a Dublin one?


2nd time was responding to a direct question .


Yep,think we’ve 3 week break ,playing Peter’s at home .


That’s a very selfdescriptive user name.


Don’t be so bold


Colaiste Eoin drew with Moate in the football and will require a replay. Worst possibly outcome. Anyone know how many dual players?




By my reckoning the last Dublin school to win this was O’Connell’s in 1954 so Eoin winning would be some feat - do it lads!!

Also amazing to see Castleknock College as winners in 1918 but even more amazing to note the winners in 1935 … Blackrock College!!! … in year 3 of 4 Leinster Senior Rugby titles in a row!!


V hard when kierans only focus is this game.


It would be a fantastic achievement for a stand alone school.
On a side note there seems to be somewhat of a renaissance in hurling the “rugby schools countrywide”. Even in Dublin you have Terenure College, st michaels and Blackrock college all with teams, with terenure competing at a the top level in some age groups.


Mummies starting to worry about serious injuries being sustained even schoolboys level.


In rugby you mean?


I believe there are about 6 who start in both codes. I presume the replay won’t happen until after the hurling final.


Even without the distraction of the football, it would be an incredible achievement for Eoin to beat Kieran’s. As has been mentioned earlier 1954 was the last year a Dublin school appeared in the Leinster final. In the period since then Kieran’s have not been in the final on only 15 occasions! You have to go back to 2009 for the most recent one of those.

Kieran’s is not a normal school in a hurling context. They pretty much have at the least a very good team every year as it’s the place to go if you’re serious about your hurling. Other schools are mostly relying on an exceptional group coming along at the same time.