Colleges Hurling 2018/19


Said it allready lads , Coláiste Eoin have it in them to rattle SK, don’t be fooled by today’s score DN only played for 15 mins , keep the faith


Hard luck to to dub north. Hopefully col eoin bring home the bacon. Would be some achievement for a single dublin school.


That Cody chap seems to be some operator. Ran amuk for Ballyhale only a few days ago too.


Purcell is s serious loss though.


Yep, bad leg injury, picked up playing football.

Will be out for most of the summer too for the Dubs


Ah gee. That’s shite news. Hope he makes a full recovery.


Is it a reaccurance of the broken leg that kept him out most of the u16 campaign?


I believe so, very unlucky


Hard luck to North Dublin hopefully experience will stand to them.


When and where is that schools Leinster final ?


Was at the game obviously, but statistics have a way of fooling people, maybe because of his performance for Ballyhale and his total score in yesterday’s game but young Cody has been described as a superstar, he played well yes but he’s not a superstar, he was given acres of space to play in and he scored well from frees , colaiste Eoin if playing to their potential can nullify his threat , this game is 50-50


Hard luck to the young lad, @Damothedub and to all of the Nth Dublin team. But it sounds to me like they’re on the right road.


Didn’t see the college’s game so I went on what I saw in the club match. Looks a serious prospect. Anyone clipping that amount of scores this time of year and at that age will go far if he wants.


10 points from frees @Damothedub - fussy ref or poor discipline?


First 15 mins we hit hard and fair , put great early ball into the forward line , which gave us 2v2 3v3 etc then we get the goal are about four points up , game plan goes out the window in that now everyone wants to run with the ball (shine) we start running into bunches of SK players and get done for traveling etc in fairness SK smelt blood and upped their game , at no point did we have a leader or collective intelligence to go back and play as we did for first 15 , we started to play desperate panic hurling and gave away free after free , this is when the problem of being a group brought together can be a disadvantage and why last years achievement was in hindsight a great achievement, I think it would be fair to say five players at most won their own individual battles and that’s just not good enough, but lads will go back to school and clubs better players for the experience of that I have no doubt and that can only be good for Dublin hurling


Any details on the final ?


We were told 23rd but to be honest very little has gone as planned this year with Colleges, I’d keep an eye on Kilkenny Twitter pages they allways seem to know a day or two ahead of ourselves



St Kieran’s 2.10 v Dublin North 1.09.
First game for junior colleges this afternoon.We played into strong breeze in first half and went in 5pts down. Dominated the 2nd half with the wind, and very unlucky not to Win,but, difficult to play against 16 men.
Some great displays across the team, definitely work in progress and will be ready for Champo .


Hard luck Liam. Kierans must be strong. That’s a strong Dub North team.
South hammered a pretty poor KK CBS team yesterday.