Colleges Hurling 2018/19


Nor quartered …


Yep that was an O Connell reference I was at. In fairness, a great bit of stuff as you say.

Been at a good few of their club games down there I’ve said before. As intense as any club champo. Likes of Causeway, Lixnaw, Ballyduff, incredible how they keep it going etc.


With the panel available to them though DCU must be livid. I’ve never seen, in all my years, a more star studded team. Is the match still available on line?


All those north kerry clubs are regularly playing teams from west limerick to keep the competitive edge. Theyre a bit like offaly in their hayday, not a huge number of clubs but they’ll travell for games.


it was streamed live on the electric Ireland YouTube account, I’d say it’s still available. It was very scrappy/competitive game and UCC had quite a few county players as well, so not really that big a shock.


I think if a lad wants to push himself at it he can be good no matter where he is from. I played with a guy from Louth years ago that would have made most county teams in the country.



If you want to see loads of dubs from last week


Best of luck today!


G’wan the Northside Dubs! Best of luck to Damo Junior and the team!


Many dubs on the DCU freshers team?


Game on , Dublin playing against a strong women md first half


Score by score here from Kieran’s


The women as well, hardly fair.


Strong wind 3-1 down 11 mins gone


3-2 15 gone


Goal Dublin


Kevin Byrne not playing (injured) and a huge loss for Dublin North.


Dublin 1-4 SK 0-5


Dublin gone asleep last 10 mins goal SK