Colleges Hurling 2018/19


Couple of the parents felt yesterday it was a cast iron certainty that dubs would meet ( fixed draw) as it wouldn’t be welcomed if two Dublin teams got to the final , I just thought hasn’t bothered anyone the amount of times CBS and Kieran’s have fought out the final , anyway all above board best of luck to both Dublin teams


I cant remember if seeded teams get home advantage , Kieran’s are practically unbeatable in their school ground , unbeaten record goes back donkeys years , yet they are mere human in a neutral ground , if north were to have to beat them at their home ground id consider it one of the greatest achievements ever by a college side , I was at the league game there two years ago and the final last year , the difference they ozze confidence at home , that said there’s about 8 lads involved this year with winners medals from last year so won’t be easily intimidated


CBS and Kieran’s are single schools. Dublin North isn’t. Could well be if they and Eoin win there may be a renewed effort to remove group teams.


Maybe it’s been done on here previously so apologies if it has , been down to Kieran’s for last three years to play them ,in doing so you get to meet and talk to many , was speaking to DJ Carey a few years back and he told me that Kieran’s is the cradle of Kilkenny hurling, also they attract some of the top talent from Waterford, lads travel from all over to go to school there as it’s the shop window for Kilkenny hurling , so while I get they are a single stand alone school they are no ordinary school either , take the Dubs away and all you do is hand the trophy to one or other of the Kilkenny schools , in order to increase competition maybe amalgamation in other counties is required


Won’t be any effort to remove them, Kierans and CBS see the bigger picture and games V Dublin North or South only raise the standard for everyone involved. Kierans lost the Leinster final last year V Dublin North yet went on to win the All Ireland. Kierans to their credit have always been positive to the combined college teams, some people see the bigger picture.


Just reading Jackie Tyrrells book, raving about his time in Kieran’s, the Mecca of Kilkenny Hurling. He played on same Kieran’s team as Tipp’s Eoin Kelly, was saying Kelly went there cause he wanted to win an AI Colleges medal.


I had to call in to Kieran’s a couple of years ago. It was lunchtime and nearly every single lad was pucking a sliothar around the yard. It was the equivalent of the amount of lads smoking in my day. At one stage someone broke a window and I’d imagine rather that get punished he got his homework off.



Great to see,imagine that in Dublin


Kierans beat (us)Dublin colleges in the Leinster final in 99. Tyrrell didn’t start that game, either did Brian Hogan. It didn’t work out too bad for them lads in the end.
As well as Kelly they had Brian Carroll from Offaly playing for them.


Kelly was head-hunted to join the school in 4th year. I wonder what fees he paid​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It was Kilkenny that drove the disbandment of the original Dublin Colleges Team after we had a small bit of success.


Small story
Not sure how many on here have ever been down to Kieran’s, my first time was an Eye opener , think it was three years ago my lad was on panel for first time , first thing I noticed was that the game was throwing in at lunch break, the surrounding area of the pitch had the guts of three hundred students all with hurlers in hand , in order for our lads to get to the pitch to warm up they had to run through an arch of 20-30 lads , some of our quiter lads ran out of the dressing room but came to a barely jog when excuse me excuse me trying to gain access to the pitch , my proudest moment as a father was when my lad came running out and pushed and kicked his way knocking all the first year second year kids barring proper access to the pitch flying , we still lost the match but as a Dad couldn’t wipe the smile off my face


Brilliant stuff.


Wexford and kilkenny schools in fact. Worked out well for Dublin with South and North colleges getting to play at that level!


They should really spread this kind of split to senior inter county. At least we would be guaranteed a bit of competition. It would be great to have North Dublin playing South Dublin in an All Ireland final in a neutral Croke Park. Mind you the South lads might suggest it’s not as neutral for the North Dublin lads.


Dublin north v Kieran’s Wednesday 13th neutral venue TBC


Croker? :grin:


How are the team feeling bout this one? Young lad must be excited?


Their flying , my lads fourth time to play Kieran’s and he sees them as the bench mark , spirit and preparation have gone up a notch , it’s all been an upward curve since CE defeat , that said having watched all their games I have a feeling we are just knocked off the ball up front a little too easy which may be our undoing , strong everywhere else on the pitch , bit of luck and Luke Swan kicking into gear and you never know at least it’s a neutral venue which is massive in context of overall result , anyone who’s been to Kieran’s will know what I mean