Colleges Hurling 2018/19


At some stage Dublin lads were being coached to do that. If I see a senior player do it, it’s a fairly safe assumption he is 22 or under.That seems to be the age group effected.


Ye it had to of been. Last years u17 were all at it when it would have been easier to catch the ball. Theyd have been better off showing them where to position themselves, how to time their jump and how to use the opponent to help them jump.


Stilorgan and North Dublin? :grinning:


Hopefully dub teams get kept apart. Would be great to have chance of all dub Leinster Final.


If carlsberg did college hurling Dublin north to beat Eoin in the final, Eoin go on to win all Ireland as Leinster representatives


Great result @Damothedub watched them training before us on Monday night, they were flying.


Cheers I was at that training session, I was the big ugly fella in the blue and yellow jacket with Dublin hat


I’ll keep an eye out next Monday. I was out with the younger North Colleges after ye.


Jaysus you must be a banger …




How are they going?


Going good. Great mix of players across the schools.Due first game on 8th Feb.


Jesus there were enough of them , was that two panels had to be 60 lads out after us


We were playing South Colleges :grin:


Jesus that makes sense , how you guys get on


Good run out, we played 3 x 20 min games to give everyone a run, brought in about 15 of this years u.14’s to bolster the panel and give them experience of Colleges hurling for next year as well. Good strong panel.


Kieran’s v North
Eoin v KK CBS

Nice one …


Nice easy warm up game for the north before hopefully colaiste Eoin :joy::joy:


Great news on draw


Ah that’s great they avoided each other, hopefully one or both will get through. And all Dublin final would be some achievement.