Coddle - how do you like yours?


That’s knorr on. Packet soup? No real spuds? Go to Jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.


There are spuds, they’re at the bottom of the pot. Packet soup adds a nice thickness and flavour.


How thick is it ?
Is it watery ?


More watery than thick… A bit like myself!


I’m gonna have to try this because I can’t see the attraction at all . If it’s thick I think id like it , but watery , no way .


12 superquinn sausages, 500g Lidl bacon, 14 spuds, two large onions, thyme, parsley and a packet of potato soup…and a knorr veg stock pot!!! Simmering nicely


Rename this thread to “CoddlePorn”.

Colour me impressed.


Anyone add full cream or barley to theirs??? Never tried it but have heard it from the dark side


No. Stop that this instant!


Instant soup? :tired_face:


I’ve also heard of a drop of lea & perrins, maybe a sub for your brown sauce


I’ve done that too. Quite nice!


I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube . They say it’s great after a feed of pints . The wife would make it & leave it simmering for the husband when he comes home after a session . I suppose you’ll eat anything at that stage .


And then chuck it over the bollox’s head?


It would probably look better as a hat than eating it :laughing:


Lads and Lassie… yis make me so proud to be a dub. Seeing all of this coddle simmering and yer refined culinary skills on display make me yarn for a bowl. Alas married to a meath woman she would pass out at the sight of it (don’t judge me harshly everyone got to love someone) but I have come to appreciate the kryptonite effects it has on the Royal… great at keeping the in laws away.

To use an old res dubs website thingy majiggy pats on the back to the lot of yiz

Special mention to @rochey and @bart, I’ll be around to your gaffs on match day for a bowl of that (I’ll bring the batch bread)! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just watching tv3 & coddle voted in top 10 bowl foods. Check it out on tv3+1 from 7.0 for all u coddle lovers.


Top of the League? Grand.
Hammered Kerry, That’s Nice.



If Carlsberg did bloody great weeks…


Speaking of coddle, what the ■■■■ is this?